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1) What's cooler? That this is the first FFXV music release, or that it's Florence and the Machine doing it?
2) What do you think is the best of the 3 tracks here?
3) Do you think the Florence soundscape will mesh with the Shimomura BGM/OST, or is it too jarring a change?
4) Outside of this release (since we haven't heard the context of these songs in-game yet), what is the best FF vocal theme?

The only thing I'll answer is #4 -- if I can include all FF games, it's Noel's Theme "The Last Hunter" sung by KOKIA in XIII-2. Sticking to main-numbered, I think the first one is still the best one: Faye Wong's "Eyes On Me." With "Distant Worlds" (FFXI Chains of Promathia) in a close second.

Prime Mover:
FFXIII-2: New Bodham, hands down... partially because I love the track, but partly because I really hate pop songs in video games, and that's not a pop song, more like an epic with some spacey vocals here and there. The one from FF9 is bearable, the rest are crap. Noel's theme is fine, though I prefer the instrumental version "Run!", MUCH better, as it's one of my favorite FF tracks period.

1. I think it's neat that they, once again, have turned to some popular artists for music (and actually talented ones, in my opinion, this time), but it was cool that they released the EP first.
2. I like their cover of Stand By Me a lot.
3. I think it meshes all right with the sound, but what I think seems weird that, if these tracks play on the car radio, then it's out of place that they're basically the only pop songs existing in the world. Like, think of GTA Vice City and how they had a whole pile of 80s tunes that fit the world. Having just one band's music just feels odd.
4. My favourite vocal theme would be... Eyes on Me. it's lovely.

Stand by Me is great and fits the opening scene so well.

Its hard for me to pick a fav. between Stand by Me, every character theme in 13-2, sunleth waterscape, and Suteki de ne.


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