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I'm tired of running into space issues with my PS4, so I tallied up all the combined base size requirements of all the retail games I owned...and discovered the total was already greater than the Hard drive I own. I'm gonna need to upgrade. Unfortunately, a 2TB is the max I can get, and even that's expensive, so I'm gonna have to raise some funds for it, and what better way than to sell off some of the ones that are just hogging up space?

...anyways, all are in Like-New condition, unless otherwise specified. All listed prices are negiotiable. Anybody who buys more the 2 games in a single shipment within the continental United States will have any shipping and handling costs wavered. I'm afraid I can't do a flat fee this time.

All Payments Will Be Through Paypal

As for the list:

* Batman: Arkham Knight - $10
* Bloodborne - $15 (Still shrinkwrapped...)
* Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - $10
* Dragon Quest Heroes - $15 (technically the "Day One Edition," but I already used the DLC code)
* Final Fantasy X|X-2: HD Remaster - $20
* Street Fighter V - $20
* Wolfenstein: The New Order - $25 (Still Shrinkwrapped...)
That's 7 total, in case you were counting. Feel free to PM me with any questions or inquiries.

EDIT: updated 11/15/2016


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