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I feel like the MMORPG games are mostly dead. The role-playing moved to single-player and multiplayer - to mobas (I know lots of ex-WOW guys moving to mobas). Thus there is no place for the old man.

It can also be explained, as I feel it, by the fact that there is just not mcuh else to say in the genre. All of the new titles are taking either WOW or Lineage and trying to add something to the formula which doesn't get more excicing because of it.

Have you played any MMORPGS before? Have you stopped because of the reasons above or some other ones?

I have maybe 20 years of MMORPGs in me and I just can't feel excited about anything now.
I wanted to like ToS but it's just a grind game with little else (which is weird because RO wasn't that much more and I loved that game for years).
I don't know if it's just because I've played too many or just that they stopped bringing in change and end up being the same altogether.

I feel like the next big thing in MMORPG will need to shake things up a lot.

MMOs, particularly of the free to play variety, are kind of my niche... They're the games I like to pick apart and study and find fascination with. If I were to actually write about games or do vlogging or whatever, I'd like to think that they would be my "expertise" for lack of a better word.

And I can tell you with certainty that MMORPGs (or MMOs in general, as the line is starting to blur) are most certainly not dying. FPS games like The Division and Destiny are redefining the genre, more games than ever are being released as "multiplayer only" and even indie devs are starting to acquire the tools to implement their own MMO games without spending an arm and a leg. In fact, I'd say it would specifically be those WoW and Lineage clones that earn your ire that are on the decline as innovation finally finds its way into the genre. Though even then you have plenty of examples of those, some even pretty good.

Though while we're on the subject. What the hell happened to Lineage II? I tried playing that game a few months ago and the game has gone to absolute shit. The controls are suddenly garbage, the game takes forever to get anywhere interesting,and just every single aspect has been redesigned to its detriment.


--- Quote from: Klutz64 on October 17, 2016, 12:41:34 AM ---What the hell happened to Lineage II...the game takes forever to get anywhere
--- End quote ---

Sounds accurate for Lineage II and every other MMO that came out of that era!

Personally, I still like MMOs, but none of them really draw me in anymore. That's even if I ignore the dozens of second-rate WoW clones which have little to no thought put into their setting.

For me, a big problem nowadays is that a lot of MMOs have shifted too far into focusing on the gameplay. I know that sounds silly since...well, they're video games and all, but I haven't had an MMO really draw me in with its setting for a long time. The rigid WoW-style quest hub structure over something more free roaming certainly doesn't help things. Maybe I'm just getting older, though?

Have you tried Guild Wars 2? Really fleshed out world with some interesting lore and the dynamic questing means every 10 or so levels  the world you have access to grows exponentially, and aside from story quests that you do every few levels, the game lets you mess around however you see fit. Big emphasis on exploration. I'd still be playing myself if combat wasn't so skill-based.


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