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Agent D.:
Not sure how I really feel about this, but I think it at least deserves its own topic in the multiplayer section. Thoughts, opinions, jokes? Please do share.

Also, strongly hope bro mode can be initiated in multiplayer (fist bumps after excessively cool combos).

Uh.... what?

Agent D.:

--- Quote from: Arvis on October 28, 2016, 11:32:08 AM ---Uh.... what?

--- End quote ---

Ok, first of all: this could be the coolest thing ever in a Final Fantasy game.  Potentially.

Second of all: does this mean we could play as the other party members even in single player?

Single player in the main game will be Noctis only. The character DLC will be episodic in nature (no idea yet when they take place relative to the main story or how you access them), so you'll presumably only be able to play as a character when doing their respective DLC (i.e. you play as Prompto in the Prompto episode, Ignis in the Ignis episode, and so on...). Kotaku kind of worded that badly.


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