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Statute of limitations on spoliers

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How long does a game have to be out before we can stop worrying about whether or not talking about plot details is "spoiling" what happens?

3 years?

5 years?


it seems pretty stupid to worry about whether or not I'm spoiling the plot to Final Fantasy IX when it came out 16 years ago, but it would be pretty helpful to have this established in common areas like the haps or the game journal.

It's tough. You'll really just have to use your best judgement and keep other people in mind.

The game journal, in my opinion should be wary of open spoilers. It covers so many games from so many era's, people might have them in a backlog and are going to play them. It's a popular thread and saying "Don't come here then if you don't want spoilered" isn't very realistic.

If a game isn't brand new (older than 1 year) then I think a dedicated topic about the game, or the franchise it comes from, can be a little more lax with the spoilers, but still keep any huge ones properly marked.

The way I see it, in generalized topics I code/tag my spoilers. 

However, in my playlogs (like the one I did for Chrono Cross) I see no reason to tag spoilers. 

My personal philosophy matches Dincrest's. Even for old games, as Starmongoose says, folks may still have them in their backlog, RPGs being the length they are.  Better to err on the side of caution, in my opinion, so I'd tag spoilers even for an older game in threads like the general game journal.

But at the same time, if you're in someone's FFXV journal thread, you'd better expect spoilers for FFXV. :)

Agent D.:
I know I'm gonna be the one on my own in this camp, but I feel like if you haven't beaten a game within a year of its release, you don't care about it or don't intend to beat it, and as such should not complain about spoilers. Almost all of us work 5 days a week and find enough time to get our game fix in, and prioritize games we want to beat vs games we care less about. Why should I have to limit what I say because you spent 20 years saying "I'll get to Chrono Trigger next month I swear". In a general topic about a game or franchise, spoilers will be pretty much guaranteed, so if you want to remain untainted about the story of a game, you should avoid checking the topic out. I'm perfectly fine getting spoiled in a topic, so I'm again probably solo in this mindset, but I'm just shouldn't revolve around 1 person.


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