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Re: Youtube
« Reply #2865 on: October 18, 2017, 03:22:56 PM »
Want to see some seriously cool tech?

Off-shore wind farms are not a new idea but until these were made all existing installations were built on columns attached directly to the sea floor.  That limits them to fairly shallow water.  These ones actually float and only have to be anchored to the sea floor, which means they can be constructed in deep water.  This not only means there are a lot more places you could theoretically build wind farms, there are also stronger and steadier winds when you go out to sea.  Theoretically there's enough wind energy in deep waters to meet the entire world's energy demand for the foreseeable future...of course actually harnessing it is another story.  This particularly installation is rather expensive for the energy it generates.  But then it's also a first of its kind and we can expect the technology to get cheaper as it matures.

The turbines themselves are also just friggin huge.  6 MW from a single turbine.  You have to admire the engineering that goes into a project like this.

Edit: I think it's also interesting to note that the company that built this originally specialized it building off-shore oil rigs.  It makes a lot of sense that they would be able to leverage that expertise to make other off-shore structures, but there is a bit of irony there.
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