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In the spirit of the Random VGM thread, because anime sound tracks need love too.

Yoko Kano - Tsuki no Mayu
Yoko Kano - Working Girl
Yoko Kano - Kagiri Naki Tabiji

... it seems to me it would be all too easy to turn this into a Yoko Kanno tribute thread.

Cowboy Bebop - Blue
Dirty Pair - Russian Roulette
Lain - Duvet
Clannad - Dango Daikazoku

The "Hime Hime" song from Yowamushi Pedal.

And, yes, I actually have sang parts of it during long distance bicycle rides like Onoda.  Although the songs I tend to sing more are "Breaking the Law" by Judas Priest, "Supercharger Heaven" by White Zombie, Thundercats opening, and...

THIS!  (I pity you if you don't like the OG Pokemon theme song.)  One of my students' first project in his TV/Media class was to create a music video and he chose this song.  And let's just say the class LOVED it!  No one else thought to have done a song like that.

A few others I like:

Bakuretsu Hunters opening theme (this is a total guilty pleasure anime and manga series for me):

Slayers opening theme.  So catchy...

"Sayonara Stranger Days" the end credits theme from this crummy OVA called Capricorn.  Easily the best thing about that:

"Cyborg Mermaid" the end credits theme from the Battle Angel OVA.  That song is so haunting.  That OVA is why I read, and love, the manga.  And, yes, I think James Cameron making a live action movie adaptation is going to ruin it.

Some Sailor Moon, it is tough to pick just a few from the series so I left out a lot of the obvious choices.
Heart Moving
Yumemiru Odango Atama part 7
Dareka ga Nerawarete Iru (4)
Rainbow Mantle
Sailor Pluto
Crystal Forest
Ai no Energy wo Ubae

Kenji Kawai - Reincarnation from Ghost in the Shell


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