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Talk about Fire Emblem Heroes and updates here.

I'll let you know if I ever get a 5 Star.

Ok, I'm ready to post!

Although... I have nothing to update.  Except that I am sorry for anyone who draws three of me in one pack.

Well I just finished grinding my backup 5*s to level 40. So I now have 8 lvl 40 5*s. I should probably figure out what everyone's Bane/Boon is. I figured out Julia's yesterday and she is not anywhere close to being optimal (but I love her voice and artwork so I might keep using her despite it being a bad idea). I think her stat spread was +ATK, -SPD, +DEF, -RES.

Since I am out of 5*s to train, I have started to train Eliwood up to see if I can get him to start killing level 35 enemies before the month ends so I can get the last of the month's lunatic missions.

My second draw was all 4-stars, and the only one of those that really seemed worthwhile is kind of redundant with my 5-star Lucina.

Oh yeah since I got a bunch of 5*s to level 40, might as well give my thoughts on their "devotional" speeches that they give level 40 (I've read the speeches only trigger for 5*s, but I haven't gotten a 4* or lower to 40 to test whether that is true or not).

Robin- Who is this Alfonse you speak of? I feel like I would know if I had a bond with someone by that name.

Hawkeye- It was alright. It really fit him as a character in the sense that it was kind of deep, but also kind of boring. XP

Takumi- I was meh on this one, but I feel like Tomara would love it.

Lyn- I feel like there is more of an implied romance angle to the female speeches than the male ones. I could kind of see the implied romance with Takumi, but it feels much more blatant with Lyn (and Julia).

Fae- Very uninteresting. Basically she just comments about how fun hanging out with you is and then falls asleep. I suppose I should be glad that this one is free of implied romantic feelings?

Camilla- Oh god this one is kind of frightening. She apparently doesn't care who the heck she is being the "big sister" to or why. I almost feel like I should send her home just so I don't have to worry about her going yandere on my in game character.

Julia- I like this one a lot...despite the very heavy implied romantic feelings. >.>

Seliph- This one is actually my favorite. It shows an aspect of the character that I was not familiar with and I would very much like to learn more about it. Specifically he talks about himself as a coward who constantly wants to run from danger and who only managed to do what he did thanks to being inspired by his friends. I don't remember that being in FE4. So I'm wondering if that was in the original and I forgot/missed the nuances/used a translation that missed the nuances or if it was a later addition to his character. Whichever it is, I would love to see it explored more throughly in a (hopefully inevitable) FE4 remake.


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