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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Reply #1395 on: January 11, 2019, 11:25:55 PM »
Anti-Armor weapons that don't hit Res tend to not fare well against 5+ teams of attack range shadowing/Ward Armors sporting 50~60 Def. I have a Fury 3 +Atk Frederick I try to bring along, but even against these teams, he just doesn't have the firepower to safely/effectively drop even one Armor before getting dogpiled. Even if I threw in my 5 star +Atk TA 3 Selena, Bonkers, Miccy and Elise, they'd still flatten my ass due to the sheer momentum designed into these 'Rude' Goldberg AR Defs. And the worst part is that you can't even count on your sky fort for help because the wailords will always have a better fort to trump yours with. As we all said back at the start of this, IntSyst so irradiated AR with its Lyft loss mechanism, that the mode is Green with Gamma Radiation.

As for the story chapter thing, I will say this. There's nothing like having Laguz Kings powercreep your whale bait Dragon Armor, who you still manage to win against, only to get someone's shit wrecked by the boss of the book, and there's nothing you can do to stop her due to to being even more powercrept. Makes her into a much more credible threat, rather than just someone hiding behind bullshit invulnerability (hi Surtr and Book 1 Ike/Titania lol).

As for the plot itself though, "OMG! Alfonse NO!!! You can't be dying. Oh whatever shall we do!?" *COUGH COUGH* "Not now Fjorm! Can't you see we have a crisis on our hands!?"

As for the Firesweep + Null C-Disrupt bullshit. The only thing keeping it from being total dogshit is that there aren't any Firesweep Axes yet, because I can easily see Sheenas, Amelias or other lower end armors looking for a way to keep up despite their lack of a Prf or Berkut Lances.

GHeBit: Naesalsa was surprisingly easy for my Flier Emblem this time around. Just a quick poke and a reposition into position and the enemy basically suicides itself onto me.

Pitybreaker Edit: Goddammit, this is the sixth pity breaker I've pulled in a row. At least this time, Ylgr has things worth inheriting (unfortunately, she has way too much to inherit and no way of spreading out the love).

Pitybreaker Edit II: As the old saying goes "The surest way to fix a problem is to post about it online." As with the last remaining banner Ticket, I was able to pull a +Atk/-Spd Tibarn (one of my goals, even if he isn't Nailah)....and then I immediately get pity broken (such as it was) by Soleil, with my persistence towards nabbing at least one NY19 seasonal getting rewarded with a SECOND pitybreaking Soleil (at least I saved myself 40k Feathers, and even claimed a few WoMs, Repositions and a DB3 along the way). So I'm almost out of orbs, but I've given up on the NYOCs, fetched a King, filled in a few gaps, snagged some dece fodder, and got the fucking message, game.
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