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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Reply #1440 on: March 11, 2019, 10:05:24 PM »
March is looking pretty barren, dunno what's with that given that our supposed new mode or whatever LRoy is made for will be coming out in April. Anyway that seems to be a bad choice when half the community is still salty from the removed orbs. Others are putting their expectations onto whatever is coming from April. I mean, at the end of the day they've removed a total of like 20 orbs or whatever, and it's not a big deal when we get something like 250-300 per month these days, it just makes no sense to be doing something like that when all it does is irritate everybody.

Also Rutger's map was pretty annoying, tiny space to maneuver, lots of trees and trenches. Fliers obviously need not apply but it also favors armors, so I basically soloed the damn thing with Lector and a healer. Too bad Rutger's really meh (Gen 3 BST does him some favors but I doubt that'll last more than a few months), but free ATK/DEF Bond at 4* is pretty nice to have.

Also I unfortunately screwed up too hard on AR this week and only made it to the 1001-3000 bracket. RIP in peace 5 extra grails.


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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Reply #1441 on: March 15, 2019, 02:39:44 PM »
Nothing like repeating November's dry spell to help push a few more stragglers off the wagon. At least this time they didn't start the month with a banner full of goddamn Fates Alts (and Mikoto) after spending nearly an entire year slipping in Fates Alts, on top of shoving wave after wave of powercreeping OCs in our general direction.

Looking back at 2018's March, we were still settling in on the implementation of Legendaries with the advent of the Blessed Gardens and our first round of Leg Battles with F!Grima, and there was the last of the FEW DLC crosspromotion event battles, plus a couple of extra quests (like a 3 Heroes, and the year long GHeB quests). So while March '18 wasn't amazing, its still far more interesting compared to this year's nothingburger of a month.

As for AR bullshit, I've finally implemented my double Duma defense, complete with dual Anima blessings on Aversa and Reinhardt and support from Lazura (who gets to Tactics buff everybody as I have two horses, two fliers and two armors), so at worst, I'm only hemorrhaging 50 points every 20 hours over 80 (and any kills my team manages knocks that number further down by 20 a head). I'm actually doing kinda well so far with it (only one round ended on a full 50 loss and that team had a 4+1 Offensive Fort compared to my 3+1 Def Fort) so hopefully I can finally claw my way up to tier 20 this week.

Meanwhile the most recent GCN's intro got a chuckle out of me.
Miccy: "Lets have a battle....for good relation's sake."
Snacky: "Sure thing sis."
Burger King: "Why am I even here?"

Incidentally, I also finally got around to clearing F!Robin Abyssal earlier this week with a team of Celica, Lazura, Gronnlwen and Ursula. Just Xander left to go before I'm ready for the next round of ReGHeB Abyssals.


Welp! :V

Edit: Meanwhile, more Bunny Alts. At first I thought the female bunny was Micaiah, but her hair looks to be off and the male doesn't look like Sothe (also too soon), then I thought that could be Eirika and Innes, and then I recall how Ayra was reduced to pallet swapped Eirika and that could be Quan, and now I realize that there really isn't a lot to go on due to how Seasonals give no fucks and we could get both Micaiah and Innes, or Eirika and Quan, or even Karla and Harken and screw the rules.

Bundit: So instead of any of the above, we got Spring 2018 mk 2 instead. Palla instead of Catria, Bruno and Veronica instead of Alfonse and Sharena, Marisa instead of Kagero for the popular whalebait choice, and also Loki instead of letting Anna get an alt. I'm almost impressed by my disappointment (granted Palla and Marisa are great choices and should've gotten alts sooner, and finally a playable Bruno, but even then the methodology of this particular banner is awe-inspiring in its uninspired selection) At least we're getting a free flying Bow user out of the deal.

As for the skills, some serious whalebait again with AR Trap Dismantle, G Flier Duel, and moar Dazzle for Wrazzle Dazzle shenanigans, but beyond Pegasus's Carrot, another instance of Guidance and Grail locked 4 star Flier Formation, the rest are thoroughly meh to lame (Hone Fliers got somewhat less premium locked thanks to the otherwise worthless Towel Camilla). The characters themselves aren't too much to write home about though. Bruno and Loki have amazing/semi-amazing Def for their weapon/move types (lol at Bruno being built like a brick shithouse) but Staffbots don't really need huge Def scores (Azama cries in a corner somewhere), and high Def doesn't save fliers from Bows on their own (so Loki can expertly facetank Daggers and ...). Palla's solid though, Marisa has Sword Infantry stats on a Pegasus while holding a Lance, and Veronica is basically Sky Nino but with a different flavor of busted Green Tome Prfage.

Edit Hops Again!: And I've finally clawed my way into AR tier 20. Fucking finally.

T_T Edit: Yeah, even the Seals are mediocre. Spd/Res Bond is the top this time around followed HP/Spd as that can be used on Aversa with Warding Stance bringing up the rear. Also, hope you weren't counting on your Year 1 Spring Seasonals to get the job done as its Years 2 and 3 Springs only (minus the Ninjabbit because she'd be too good?). This just further emphasizes the need to expand the bonus unit choices to 12 per T_T/Arena season/AR week.

Bun Bun Edit: Well it took me every Orb I had on hand, but I managed to snag a Bunorinca (+Atk/-Def even). Of course while pulling for her, I managed to snag a spare 4 star Shigure and fuck all else worth mentioning.

Also, I've reeditted my Bunny Edits because they were all hopping all over each other and not cutting to the core of the meh of this month's seasonal.

These Edits are Multiplying like Bunnies: Welp. That answers that question about seeing Gen 1 seasonal reruns this year. My free pulls brought in a +1 to my Minerva (which in turn gave her +5 goddamn HP due to fixing a superbane on one of the +merge stats) and trash.
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