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Scum's Wish (Kuzu no Honkai) -- it's kind of amazing

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Right now the show is running on Amazon's exclusive "Anime Strike" channel ... free month, then $5/month after that, I think. They have a ton of stuff, some of it overlapping with other outlets. But among their exclusives, this "Scum's Wish" show is blowin' my mind.

They're up to episode 7 so far.

The show is about ... sex'n'stuff? Relationships and complications. Friends with benefits. Unrequited love. Age gap issues. Some people with crazy personality disorders that ruin everything.

And it's drop-dead serious. No fan-service BS. Still ... very erotic at times, I suppose. No explicit stuff. But very deep, introspective, and so far, reeeeally heartbreaking.

Modern school setting, yada yada. You'll recognize stereotypes, then you'll see them snapped in half as the writers try to create interesting, real-ish, multi-dimensional characters.

Also, op/end music and animations are solid. I have a lot to say about the ending animation and some of the "suggestive" things going on in the kaleidoscope of abstractions.

But I literally have no one to talk to about it. So someone go watch it so I can be like "YO that was CRAZY right?" :)

bump. It's up to episode 10 now. It's getting more and more amazing.

Would someone please do the Anime Strike trial with Amazon and check this thing out? I'd love to hear others' opinions.

I picked up the first two volumes of the manga and have read the first one and have found the premise to be very intriguing.

Hurray, a reply!!

The TV anime is up to ep 12. *EDIT* I just watched ep 12 and apparently that was the finale. I wanted a 13th episode ... but they covered all they needed to. It ended in a way I didn't expect ... and just maybe, didn't want. But there are bits of resolution that made me very happy, especially for the supporting cast. Also, the music in the final episode is crazy-good.

I don't really read/collect manga, but the people I've talked to that read this manga said 1) it's amazing and 2) the TV adaptation maintains the core content very well.

Visually, the anime is just stupidly good. And op/end themes ... find them on YouTube if you can. (They get pulled down all the time and other fans re-up). It's so good.


because Amazon discontinued their premium channel "Anime Strike," Scum's Wish is now available to all Amazon Prime users at no additional cost.

So like ... go watch it. Seriously.

Also ... I picked up the Japanese DVDs for vol.4 and vol.5 because they contained the OST as bonus CDs (in two parts). I also picked up opening and ending theme singles, LE version with DVD music videos. I will probably write reviews of all this on Original Sound Version. Because um ... the music is part of what makes this TV Anime so amazing.


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