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Hi rpgfan-community,

after nearly two years of reading regularly through this site I decided to join the discussions here.
And to start, I just have to underline the recent review of the Nier Automata OST. I played through
the game with my wife next to me, bouth thrilled and excited what might happen next. It was that
way with the first Nier and it's still the same here.
And the music is just overwhelming. After played the game I ordered the soundtrack and listening
to it every day on my way to work and back home and it is just so beautiful. You hear it and your
just right back in the game at the very moment ;)
And Patrick is absolutly right, when writing

--- Quote --- The power and meaning of the piece grows exponentially for the listener who has also played the game to its true end.
--- End quote ---
It's just so true.

So to anyone how hasn't played the game yet, just do so, and you will not regret it!

Wild Armor:
Welcome to the board, sasori! :)

Yeah, the NieR: Automata's soundtrack is something else. I highly recommend playing the game/watching the game online to get context for the music, because the connection really adds meaning to the music. The first NieR game had the same wonderful effect for me, especially the lyrical style for each area (the Junk Heap + song "The Wretched Automatons" coming to mind immediately).


I'm glad that NieR:Automata's soundtrack meant so much to you that you chose to join the forums. And I appreciate your taking the time to cite the review I wrote.

I have played at least 300 RPGs to completion now. And I have written reviews for over 1000 RPG soundtracks. NieR and NieR Automata shine as some of the brightest stars among them for me. For all newcomers who ask me for recommendations, that's where I point them to. For people who have been around the block, but haven't played NieR / Automata or heard the music, I heartily push them towards it. I do not do this with most games. This level of passion, I reserve only for those games & soundtracks that bring that level of passion *to* me. So ... NieR / Automata, the Zero Escape games (less so ZTD, definitely 999+VLR), maybe Lunar 2 and Persona 3 (Portable for female protagonist!). And Alundra.

That's about it. :)

Again, glad you came on to comment, hope you stick around for the long haul! It's a fun place we got going here.

Patrick "Ramza" Gann

OK, now you got me intrigued.
Since the Zero Escape games are avaliable on PS4 now, I really want to know more about these games. So I let you know when I played any of these ;) And thanks for the advice.

Good taste.^^ Check out Yuki Yuna is a Hero as well. The soundtrack is done by MONACA, Keiichi Okabe's team. In this song you might hear a familar voice...


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