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Stop Supporting Racist Bands


Check out my latest single - "Stop Supporting Racist Bands"

(I've been listening to a lot of Iced Earth this month if that wasn't obvious in this track.)

I liked this. 

What I liked best were your vocals.  They exemplify a lot of what I look for in metal vocalists these days (and I'm picky.) 
     -You articulated your words well.  I understood everything you said and never had to consult the lyric sheet.  Big plus, since I've heard too many death metal, punk, etc. bands that craft amazing lyrics and have thought-provoking things to say, but I never understood any of it due to incoherent gurgling. 

     -You had variety in your vocal styles.  I liked that you had rasps, bellows, and singing (both clean and harsh.  Yay notes!).  Big plus, because I've heard too many death metal bands whose music is really dynamic, but is ruined by a vocalist who only does one monotone bark throughout.  I like hearing a variety of screams, shouts, growls, bellows, vomits, and even some singing every once in a while.

     -Syncopation.  I liked that some of your verses were syncopated differently than others.  Big plus, because the "strike three" in my aforementioned "what I dislike in death growlers" is when they just vocalize their words right on the basic 4/8/16 count beats.  If a vocalist doesn't have much variety in their grunting, then play with rhythms a little to make songs interesting.  Put a little stank, some funk in it.   

I remember when you would post lyrics to the site, I loved how deeply intricate they were.  They reminded me of early Psycroptic.  In this case, I appreciated the no frills, to the point, punk sensibility to the lyrics.  It's something I'm not used to seeing from you. 

The only thing I wasn't too keen on was that the intro felt a little too long for my tastes.   

Thank you for the kind words Dezo. When it comes to vocals, I try to get as many styles going as I can. A lot of people argue with me that Tomb of the Mutilated is the best Cannibal Corpse album, but the exact same guttural bellows from Chris Barnes gets real boring. I think listening to so much Ayreon when I was younger really imprinted on my brain how important vocal change ups can be.

And yeah man, remember those days when I'd post lyrics on their own? Seems like 15 years ago now. ...Oh wait, it was! I decided to start posting again due to that exact thing. A lot has happened in this time, but actually taking time to record music is one of the best things to happen to me. I absolutely love sharing music.

My favorite Corpse albums are Kill and Wretched Spawn. 

I hear you on sharing music.  Music's been such an integral part of my life for so long (Kryovax, Pool of Thorns) but I'm so glad I decided to stop playing in gigging bands back in 2015.  I may be doing a songwriting collaboration with one of the guys in my bicycle club, though.  Just jamming and recording is more my speed these days. 

And since sharing is caring, my art these days is more in doing voiceover work, and my most recent audiobook narration was a Pokemon book where I had to be Mewtwo:

Vocal manipulation is a big thing for me, because even when I'm narrating a self-help book or something, I have to become that warm and nurturing character.  On the other hand, I love this one negative review of a narration I did on a Sugar Addiction book that said I was acidic and sharp-tongued.  Newsflash, that book was written in a somewhat acerbic manner so I played that part.

Oh man, this is cool! You would do a good Sonic tbh. I've always wanted to get into voice work, but never really found a way in.

I know what you mean about playing gigs. Last one I did involved travelling 200 miles to play for 20 people. It was cool and the people were great, but man, 12 hours on a coach is a killer.


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