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Hey mods! I recently found your site online and I've started listening to both the random encounters and retro encounters podcasts as well as reading your reviews and I just felt the need to say that you all rock! The podcasts are fantastic, I've been thoroughly enjoying listening to them, and your reviews are great. I feel like you are true rpg fans reviewing games you love honestly, and I can really get behind what you're saying more than most game sites. Infact you might be too grrat at what youre doing, cause ive added 10 ganes to my backlog in the last week and despite being knee deep in the kingdom hearts collection, ffxii and dq8, i booted up bloodborne again after listening to rob talk about it and am itching to play xenoblade chronicles after the podcasts on it - goddamnit there isnt enough time for all these games! Seriously though thanks for being so awesome, and keep up the fantastic work!

Thank you friend!

(How much do I owe you for saying that? *slides a tenner across the table*)

This is exactly how I found RPG Fan, too, back in the day.

I found it 'cause of the soundtrack samples (Back when Realplayer was actually the leading tech in streaming... ick). Though can't quite recall what drew me to the forums.

Aw, thank you for your comments! It's always nice to hear feedback like this, especially with how much time some people put into their work here. I couldn't be more proud to work alongside this staff, so I'm a fan of everyone's writing and podcasting talents as well, and have taken my share of recommendations from people here, too.

I am a little sorry if we put you in a financial or Time Crisis per our recommendations, but I do hope it has been and continues to be good experiences for you. :)


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