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Alundra US IMPORT - 90 Euro

Alundra 2 US IMPORT - 30 Euro

Dead Or Alive JAPAN IMPORT - 20 Euro

Einhänder US IMPORT - 120 Euro

Elemental Gearbolt US IMPORT - 100 Euro

Final Fantasy Tactics US IMPORT - 40 Euro

Grandia US IMPORT - 60 Euro

Klonoa US IMPORT - 150 Euro

Legend Of Legaia US IMPORT - 50 Euro

Legend Of The Dragoon US IMPORT - 50 Euro

Shadow Madness US IMPORT - 30 Euro

Star Ocean - The Second Story US IMPORT - 50 Euro

Syphon Filter 3 US IMPORT - 30 Euro

The Granstream Saga US IMPORT - 40 Euro

Wild Arms US IMPORT - 40 Euro


Dark Cloud 2 US IMPORT - 35 Euro

Klonoa 2 US IMPORT - 40 Euro

Legaia 2 - Duel Saga US IMPORT - 30 Euro

Silent Scope 2 US IMPORT - 8 Euro

Radiata Stories US IMPORT - 30 Euro

Tokobot Plus US IMPORT - 15 Euro

Vampire Night US IMPORT - 15 Euro


Yakuza 2 US IMPORT FIRST PRESS - 50 Euro


Army Of Two - The 40th Day US IMPORT - 15 Euro

Resident Evil 5 - Gold Edition US IMPORT - 20 Euro

Saints Row 2 US IMPORT - 10 Euro

Vanquish US IMPORT - 8 Euro


Are US import that costly?

I could find most of those for much less here (Canada)

added some more games


--- Quote from: Annubis on August 11, 2017, 07:33:10 PM ---Are US import that costly?

I could find most of those for much less here (Canada)

--- End quote ---

They can be, if you are in Europe. In some cases the the EU version is less popular among European collectors, and there are many games that simply weren't released here at all. And considering shipping and import fees, buying the expensive copies that are already in the EU can actually be cheaper than importing from the US.

That said, some sellers do overcharge and try to make a game seem special just because it's an import. I'm not entirely sure why anyone would want to pay €40 for Granstream Saga when copies on Ebay are $10-20 (low enough to avoid import fees) and the European version can be obtained for €15-25. Not to mention that Granstream Saga is just... not a very good game.


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