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New Gundam Store Open in Tokyo ^_^


Every Gundam fan's dream. An awesome Gundam store loaded with Gundam swag. Too bad it's an expensive flight for me from the U.S. to visit this gem.

Massive New Gundam Store Opens This Weekend In Tokyo

Agent D.:
Wouldn't this be more of a haps thing as it has nothing to do with actually reading a manga or watching a tv show of some sort? I mean, I love being a stickler and a pain in the ass about it, but honestly this doesn't seem to merit being here.

I honestly thought it was spam...

Eh, Gundam's one of the biggest Anime Franchises, but I guess we probably don't have enough Gunpla enthusiasts around here to maintain a whole thread on it. It probably would've worked well as a post in the Anime thread, but I don't think it being its own thread a big deal. Could just talk about models in general or something.

Interesting that it looks like they have the earliest Gundam models in limited supply. I guess that's nice for collectors but I'm guessing they're pretty terrible with limited movement and stability. A lot of times I walk into Gundam sections in a store I end up only window shopping.

For my part, I still have a MG Crossbone X1 Full Cloth in its box, unassembled. Every time I feel like putting it together I remember I lack the special scissors, knives and sandpaper to make sure there's no awful nubs coming out of the thing when I'm done (let alone any spray paint to make it really shine), and slapping it together with those things still attached would feel like a waste. I got a couple in my room back in the States which probably still have those terrible white marks on them because I was often just the "snap off and assemble" sort of person.

Not spam, but anime/manga related. Mods feel free to move to General Discussions if you wish. Just excited to see such a huge store from the pictures. It would be fun to browse through and find a gem.


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