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Ok, well I guess this is slightly redundant with favorite food and drink.

But yes I'm literally interested in the exact, precise, detailed specifications of how you eat and drink every day for each meal, where you go, what you do, how you end up getting this part of life done.

Are you cooking, eating in, out, delivery, what kind of food, what drink of drinks, how do you manage, I'm in desperate need of tips and tricks. I want to hear from all the pros how they manage this incredibly complicated and challenging problem in the modern world...

I cook/prepare my own food 90% of the time. Another 9,9% are meals and pre-packaged soups from the supermarket, but the good ones those cost 2-4 times of what I'd normally spend on a meal and are thus more like a treat than anything. The 0,1% is actually eating out. I don't do delivery, because it's expensive and I'm outside most areas of service anyway.

Basically, I have a set of recipes for fairly simple but nutritious meals and I rotate them depending on what's on sale/in season and what I feel like eating. These are usually for 2-4 people, so I put the other portions in the fridge or freezer to eat later.

My staples include but are not limited to:
-several pasta dishes
-vegetarian lasagna
-chili con sana
-a few different types of curry
-pea soup

But I'm pretty lazy when it comes to cooking, so I also have a bunch of 'back-up' meal ideas that rely on leftovers. Favourites include:
-'chuck a bunch of sliced veggies and potatoes into a frying pan with some olive oil'
-'a riceball, a stack of cucumber slices and a bowl of tomato soup are totally a meal'
-'who cares this omelette is more vegetable and mushrooms than egg'
-'*bleep* yeah, farmer pancake time!'

As for stuff I drink... water and tea. The water from the tap here is great, so I just drink that. I also have a bunch of different teas and can just grab whatever I feel like drinking at the time. 

So, if you're having trouble finding meals that are both delicious and healthy, learn to cook a few recipes you do like. (And then be creative with the leftovers, because wasting food is a bad thing you shouldn't do.)

My percentages are pretty much flipped from Tomara's. If I was a better person I'd cook my own food, but I currently live in a city where a restaurant or convenience store is always a stone's throw away, and being that I work until around 6PM every day I'm often just exhausted when I get home and I just don't want to bother. It's probably more like 7PM if I pick myself up to get my daily exercise in, after that I need to spend the rest of my night studying. If I "make" anything myself it'll probably be some kind of high-sodium microwave garbage.

A few years back I posted how I lost about 30kg from when I entered college. Since I started working I've put back about 10 of those, so I'm trying to turn that around now, but since I'm still in the same situation a lot of times I just don't eat lunch. I lost weight in the past by counting calories, but it's always hard to keep track of that when eating out even if the restaurant is nice to enough to try to provide you some numbers (they're usually way off).

Mornings usually involve a sandwich, rice ball or cereal, which will range somewhere from 300-500 kcal. If I eat out it's probably really easy for just one meal to end up giving me 1500-1700 kcal, which is why it makes sense to skip lunch, because those two meals will sum up to just about enough to let me cut weight slowly as long as I keep my exercise up (For reference, I'm around 175cm and 80kg right now).

Basically, my habits are not very healthy and you probably shouldn't follow my example.

My basic routine:

Breakfast is an organic granola bar with organic coffee/tea, or organic breakfast cereal with rice milk.

Lunch is one of...
- leftovers
- homemade soup
- pizza bagel
- tuna fish sandwich
- organic pre-made soup
- pb&j

Dinner is an autoimmune paleo meal made from scratch by me and/or my wife.  One of the main staples is wild caught salmon cooked in the Instant Pot with coconut oil and aminos, with a veggie on the side and maybe some yuca fries.

I'm a vegetarian so you probably don't care but almost every day I eat:

breakfast - 1 cup of coffee and either a banana or a fruit smoothie made from frozen berries/bananas/cashew milk.  Usually on sundays my fiance will make us breakfast.  Either vegan biscuits and gravy (my favorite food) or waffles with fruit (I don't do maple syrup so I usually slather it with sesame seed butter).

lunch - 90% of the time it's an olive and carrot salad that I bring from home.  Once every 2 weeks or so I go get a seitan rubin from the local co-op (or at least I used to until I found out that the GM is a nazi sympathizer. Probably won't go back).

Dinner - I cook most days because my fiance works 10-12 hours.  I generally make some kind of soup/chili/chowder that will last more than one day.  Lots of potatoes and corn in my recipes because I'm a gomer from the midwest and love eating potatoes and corn.  If the lady makes food it's almost always tofu or seitan with rice and some steamed veggies.  Her portions are HUGE though because she is a freak infuriating blessed with high metabolism and can eat whatever she wants and still be a stick figure.
Every Friday after she gets off work I take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant and she will generally gorge herself and down 4+ beers because being a kindergarten teacher makes people do crazy things.  I almost always get a black bean burger.


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