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I noticed some new images on Blue Reflection were posted on the main site.  I find myself totally underwhelmed by this game.  While the concept art is gorgeous, the character designs of the girls feels completely generic.  While the artwork is certainly pretty, it feels totally cookie cutter.  I really don't see the appeal of the game. 

I guess part of it is that I don't find the idea of playing a teenage magical girl all that interesting or appealing.  Oh well.  Still, if the game is good and highly recommended, I might check it out down the line.

Towns Car Marty:
Review in progress. It's....not great

It looks like an Atelier game without all the stuff that makes Atelier games fun.


--- Quote from: Towns Car Marty on September 27, 2017, 08:00:59 AM ---Review in progress. It's....not great

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I'm not surprised.

Once it became apparent that it was going for some sort of 3rd person Persona-ish JRPG/VN hybrid, I let that other thread for this game die a quiet death.

Which is unfortunate, because I kinda liked the idea that I saw in the game, where you're playing the role of the tragic heroine in a Bishojo-ai title (or the dark magical girl rival in something a little bit straighter) as in that one character who's too busy being the interesting/cool one to pay any sort of attention/seek help for their own problem until its too late (or for something similar and a lot more common, especially in male oriented anime and videogames, a female antagonist that stubbornly refuses to listen to anyone while going off to do their own thing while the MC can do nothing (including seducing her to the side of light) but watch this person set herself up for her own demise; primarily because the show can only have one designated female love interest and none of the other side characters are important enough to pair the spare; bonus points if she actually accomplishes something with her self-sacrifice), with the primary exception being that you're the one behind her wheel and must essentially thread the relationship needle or doom the MC.

And on that note; how was KT's other recent not-Lesbian game?


--- Quote from: Towns Car Marty on September 27, 2017, 08:00:59 AM ---Review in progress. It's....not great

--- End quote ---
Color me unsurprised.  The game just screams paint by numbers effort.


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