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Author Topic: Revival - A poem  (Read 3610 times)
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« on: March 15, 2006, 10:55:04 AM »

I warn you, this poem is very poncey. So poncey in fact, that I'm going to include an explanation afterwards :P I'm happy with it though.


Like the chasm yawning in our bed
I awakened on a lonely precipice.
She made tea and we sipped at the table
silently, each behind a newsprint wall.

That day at work a raven
landed on my shoulder, standing
stock still as if oblivious
to my presence, just as those
around me were to his.

Back at home I found a man
wrapped in my bed sheet
who claimed he was my Jesus.

He took us swimming.
Slipping naked together into liquid crystal
we laughed as if sharing a lung,
revelling in the long forgotten sound.
The raven waited upon the shore.
I asked Jesus how to be rid of it and
he said to me, ‘revival.’

That night he built a bed of straw
and climbed atop my wife.
I found a spade in the shed
and brought it down upon his head.

He shattered into ragged pieces of mirrored glass
that fell into the bed, healing its divide.
The raven fled into the dark

and I crawled into our nest beside my wife,
rejuvenation hungrily pawing our flesh.

And now for the explanation :P :

It’s about a man who’s stuck in a loveless marriage. Every day he wakes up next to a woman who he feels he hardly knows, hence the chasm in the bed, the wall of newspaper over breakfast and the fact that he barely acknowledges her in the first stanza. This dullness is reflected in the strict form of the first two stanzas. He goes to work everyday, but today is a little different as a raven lands on his shoulder, but one that no one can see. The raven represents adultery, basically while he’s at work everyday his wife is cheating on him because she’s also bored in the marriage. The man returns home to find a man who claims he is a personal Jesus, the mans saviour if you will. He takes them swimming, trying to get them back to nature and show them that they can still have a good time together. This letting loose is shown in the switch to a more free verse style. They return home, the more familiar surrounding shown in the change of style to a more traditional verse, but still more relaxed than the first two stanzas. At home, Jesus has to provoke a reaction from the guy, to show both him and his wife that they still have passion for each other. He does this by trying to have sex with her. He gets his reaction (a spade round the head). Jesus breaks into mirrored glass, the idea being Jesus was actually another side of the man, his wilder, more passionate side. Jesus has sacrificed himself for the marriage. This act heals the rift in the marriage, hence the bed healing up, the raven buggers off, and they settle down together in their nest. The nest is supposed to represent new life, the revival of the marriage being the resurrection, like Jesus. Yes, it’s very pretentious. No, I don’t care.

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« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2006, 06:50:15 PM »

im glad you offered up an explanation with the poem, or else I would never have understood what you were aiming for. Very nice symbolism and I could see everything vividly happening in my mind, keep up the good work!
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