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Author Topic: Gold farming in WoW.  (Read 2780 times)
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« on: June 04, 2007, 07:54:26 PM »

I'm not interested in creating my own WoW Gold website, just to get that out of the way. I have about 1000g now but it's came very slow. I'm curious where is a good spot to farm for gold. I need 4000 more for my epic flying mount. Without many quests left, I don't know where to farm.

Maybe aldor/scryer turn-ins or primal elements? I don't know.
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« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2007, 02:30:08 AM »

Find a friend who's an Alchemist and utilize their Transmutes and farming for Primals would be my thoughts....

Kinda depends on how flooded your server's market is when it comes to Primal Might and Earthstorm/Skyfire Diamonds.

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« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2007, 02:53:21 PM »

You can't do the netherdrake daily quests yet, but the ogri'la and i believe the skettis have daily quests that are basically free, easy gold (about 12g per quest) that you can do without an epic flying mount.  These are repeatable every day.  Quests will probably give you the most gold per time invested depending on your tradeskills.

What are your professions?  I know mining can make you a shit load of gold.  Herbalism / Alchemy is a little shaky atm, but still fairly good gold.

Transmutes, like dade said, can be a good way to make money if your xmute specced.  I xmuted a earthstorm diamond the other day for my meta gem slot (didn't want to buy it, much easier to make it), and i procced an extra one.  supposedly that's pretty rare, but that was 120g extra in my pocket.

Depending on your class, spec, and server (PvE or PvP) elemental plateau can be a pretty decent place to farm (primal fire and primal water sell for pretty well).  Also the ghost-looking things north of area 52 drop motes of mana fairly often.  I'm a holy specced priest and face a lot of downtime, but I got about 2 primal mana out of 30-45 minutes of killing those guys.  If you have any decent farming class, that time should be in half.

Honestly, I just got my epic flying mount last week and it's worth every penny.

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« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2007, 03:50:07 PM »

(You'll need a means to breath underwater for this.)

 There's a lake northeast of shattrath filled with eels that drop motes of water. Between motes and npced greys and greens I manage 50-90 gold in a half hour(Though granted usually closer to 50). I get responses from the guild that they've had terribe drop rates in my spot and that I'd have better luck with the water elementals in nagrand, but when I tried there I had the opposite results. Maybe it's kill speed that puts it ahead. The eels are just 62 and they have low health even for their level. Or maybe the nagrand is better and I've just had bad luck(Or maybe I was at the wrong spot, more than one place to find water elementals there). Regardless you can try either of those, but if you want to try my spot don't go during peak hours. If you go peak hours they'll be other people there and if you don't have it to yourself you may as well go somewhere else.

 Playing the AH can make you some side money as well.

 Whatever you do though, don't expect it to be quick. Even if you can find a spot with 200g/hour you're still looking at 20 hours of work to get one.
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« Reply #4 on: June 06, 2007, 12:05:19 PM »

Actually gold nowadays with the expansion is easy to come by. Farming primals alone gets you tons of gold. Primals sells really well and all the thash loot you get are actually worth lots of money too, just empty all your bags before you go farming.

Anyways me and my friend made more than 5k gold in less then 3 weeks.
All you need is leatherworking and enchanting, the first thing you do is check what the prices are for enchanting mats, specifically illusion dust, arcane dust, greater eternal essences and greater planar essences.
Anyways these mats sell very good and on my server illusion dust is usually 1g50-2g50 a piece, arcane dust 2-3g, eternal essence 7-10g and planar 5-7g.

Best way to get illusion dust and greater eternal essences is to learn the wicked leather headband pattern (mats are 12 rugged leather, 1black dye 1 runethread) and disenchant the headbands. Make like 50 headbands and start disenchanting, usually you get 1-2 illusion dust or 1-2 gr. eternal ess. per headband, with sometimes large brilliant shard (7-10g). Anyways after 50 headbands you usually have like 40 dusts 15 eternal essences 1 large brill. shard. It all depends on luck. Also since I didn't have skinning I bought all the rugged leather from AH for a max price of 2g per stack.
Just compare rugged leather prices to enchanting mats to see if it is profitable. Usually you make a 200% - 300% profit when the prices are right. Or if you have a high lvl alt just skinfarm all your mats for maximum profit.

Now arcane dusts and planar essences, you always get these stuff from all the outland greens sometimes even prismatic shards, but those usually come from blues. The best way is to disenchant all your useless greens you get from farming and questing and most important buy them all from auction houses when they are like 2g-5g. low lvl greens 57-63 max price 3g, high lvl greens 63-70 max price 5g. low lvl usually gives 1-3 arcane or  planar, high lvl greens 3-5 arcane or 2 planar.
Seeing that high lvl enchanters need these stuff they sell very well. Again just compare prices when you do the auction house bid/buyout thing to see if it is profitable.

Farming is for poor people =P. Just play the auction house.
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