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I just came back from seeing Transformers today.  It completely exceeded all my expectations (which weren't super high since I'm not a Michael Bay fan and I'm a Transformers fanboy).  This reimagining of the classic franchise gets a thumbs up in my book.  Sure some things weren't "tr00" to the Transformers I grew up with, but as a reimagining of a classic concept for a new generation, it was terrific.  

The in-movie music was good, the transforming sequences were cool, and everyone was very well cast.  Shia was great as Sam.  

I liked that they gave Bumblebee some 'tude and loads of personality.  That first scene where he
--- Code: ---completely destroys that VW bug Bobby Bolivia tried to sell Sam
--- End code ---
was great.  

The action sequences were amazing and I liked that Michael Bay eased up on his trademark "shaky camera" techniques, which kinda make me seasick in other Michael Bay films.  

Film was fast paced, wall to wall action, and just loads of fun.  The little  
--- Code: ---hacker bot that started life as a boombox in Air Force One
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stole the show for a lot of the audience.

I still hold my opinion that Meat Loaf's "And I would do anything for love (but I won't do that)" music video is still the best thing Michael Bay ever directed.

Next weekend, I plan to see the Simpsons movie.  I have VERY high expectations for that since I've been a Simpsons fan from day one and still think it's the greatest TV show to have ever existed.

I have to admit when I first started watching Transformers I didn't like it too much, but then Optimus Prime showed up with his epic voice and his trademark quotes and the movie was a shoe in for awesomeness. Megatron vs. Optimus Prime was awesome.

The Simpsons movie was awesome. It was hilarious, well animated, hilarious, well directed, hilarious...did I mention hilarious? Anyone who says otherwise is fucking retarded.

Yeah, the Simpsons Movie for me, too. It was much, much better than I expected it to be, and managed to get a lot of laughs out of me. If you enjoy the Simpsons, you'll get a definate kick out of it.

I really can't wait to see how much money the movie makes, considering how much bloody advirtising was done to promote it.

I just got back from The Simpsons movie.

It was awful. Simply awful. I actually did not laugh once. One or two things raised a smile, but was just bad. So, so disappointed. I actually wish I'd never seen it.

Two documentaries:

FUCK and This Film Is Not Yet Rated


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