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Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
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Yeah, I wouldn't touch leviathan with any job solo but rdm/nin or whm/nin. Slowga and leviathan's abilities will pretty much seal your fate.

I started soloing avatars Monday as well in my quest to obtain fenrir. I have so far beat titan, garuda, and leviathan without too many problems. Though as red mage I don't have to worry about slowga. Capped enhancing also helps with the bar spells.  I don't have any screenshots but I do have a video of the leviathan battle that I uploaded Tuesday.


Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
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Quote from: "ShiningHero"
Yeah, I wouldn't touch leviathan with any job solo but rdm/nin or whm/nin. Slowga and leviathan's abilities will pretty much seal your fate.

Hmm...soloing it as WHM/NIN, huh? I haven't tried that yet. I should DEFINITELY try it.


Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
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Quote from: "KeeperX"
Quote from: "Hathen"
One thing I think WoW doesn't have, is the cinematic storytelling done in FFXI. Seeing stories like this just make you fall in love with the game all over again.

Actually, one thing WoW is moving more towards is cinematics during raid events and raid instances.  I know there's a quest chain in Karazhan (the first ten-man raid instance a character would do) that spells out the story behind one of the bosses.  Yes, it's not quite as pervasive as the cinematics in WoW, but they certainly do exist.

That seems to wither away after the first dungeon though.  Serpentshrine Cavern had no lore that I could find other than through quests.  Same with Tempest Keep and Battle of Mount Hyjal.  Black Temple had some interesting cinematics when you turn in the last two attunement quests and the final boss, Illidan.

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Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
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My advice for Leviathan Prime:

Try NIN/RDM.  Barwater, obviously.  Keep Stoneskin up for the extra buffer while waiting on your [slowed] Utsusemi recast timers.  Your Enhancing Magic + MND won't reach the 350 damage cap, so absorb 1 or 2 hits and recast/overwrite the previous one (cancel it at around 40% casting time).  Two Stoneskins should give you enough time (10-15 seconds, at least) to restore shadows.  And naturally, RDM's Fast Cast trait can be invaluable.  Rinse, repeat, and I think it's a guaranteed victory.


Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
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I can solo avatars on PLD/RDM. As long as your shield skill is capped with some shield+ equipment, damage is very easy to manage but it's very important to keep the right barspell up or else the enspell damage will destroy you. With Phalanx and Stoneskin, if every hit from the enspell resists, it'll usually last about 6-9 hits. The avatars don't hit me very hard at all.

Sometimes the magical blood packs won't resist at all but it's not difficult to recover from as long as you know how to manage your MP.

I've gotten unlucky a few times though and had the 2hr not resist or have a barspell wear off just before the 2hr wear and get one shotted so Reraise is important too.

Honestly Leviathan is one of the more easier ones for me to solo. Garuda is the one that gives me problems the most.

When I duoed some avatars with a RDM friend, I resisted everything with Shell 4 so I'd imagine a little magical defense bonus stuff would help too.
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Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
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On NIN/DNC, I don't really need to worry about slowga. Aside from that fact that I resisted both times he did it, I have healiing waltz to fall back on. When I solo Avatars, the only real danger is from their 2HR, since they have absolutely horrid accuracy, they'll pretty much never hit me. If I get unlucky, the 2HR one-shots me. Otherwise, its a straightforward fight.

When I talked about WoW having less story, I guess I meant more of typical quests that you do. While there's a lot of "get me x item" in FFXI at times as well, they tend to try to weave a story with some series of quests. As far as I know, WoW is mostly limited to "Go get me some item so I can do this", since the main objective of the quest is to get some nice xp and money from it.

And I guess next time I'll put up reraise on an Avatar. My only worry is that I'd run out of time if I have to rest for 5 minutes before I continue fighting them (Especially Leviathan, since he has that annoying healing spring move or whatever).

Well, anyway, I got Leviathan done with the help of Shiggy and a friend of his, so I went ahead and got my Moon Bauble:

Hopefully I'll do Fenrir sometime soon.

I went on a perilous adventure with Valesti to the Phomiuna Aquaducts, since he wanted a Gaudy Harness. He could solo it if he really wanted to, but I came along to give him some TH action. Basically, he had to charm a VT/IT Oil spill and familiar it, which would give us 30 minutes to kill as many fomor as we could. On our first try, not only did Valesti fail about 12 times, we also got absolutely no drops whatsoever. So, lameness, we got pissed off and logged off right in the Aqueducts, returning 90 minutes later when Familiar was up again.

The 30 minute time limit would be enough to only get 2 Beastmaster kills in, but the drop rate is estimated about 50% with TH, so technically we should get one by law of averages.

We kill one beastmaster. Nothing.

Valesti's anger grows, but the Fomor still lies there, not crapping out a subligar like we want it to, so we went on to kill some other Fomor while we were waiting for the beastmaster to respawn:

I got myself a nice, shiny Taurus subligar, and Valesti got one of the most useless subligars I can imagine. Well, it's pretty good for RNG and COR, but I don't see him playing either one anytime soon. =P

So, the beastmaster repops, and this is our last chance. Lo' and behold:

Reality came along and tried to refresh Valesti's 2HR so we could do some more, but alas, he rolls a 3. So in celebration of getting some shiny new panties, we decided to kamikaze into the nearest NM that just spawned.



Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
« Reply #411 on: April 07, 2008, 05:32:35 AM »
My LS had a very successful run in Sea tonight. We did Hope, Prudence (twice), and Love. Among the drops we saw a Prudence Torque, a Love Torque, and a Novia Earring.

Somehow, my LS has had a high demand for the Prudence Rod, and I've lost the free-lot to it like 12 times. But today, there was no competition, and I finally got it. Immediately afterwards, I did like 3 hours of meriting as WHM/NIN, and was able to gain TP as fast as anyone. Unpopular as it is to do so, my THF friend (Ciscokid) and I was doing Light SC with some regularity on the greater colibris. I'd open with Hexa, and then he's close with an SA Shark Bite for a little over 1k damage, and said damage was repeated with the SC closing. So I felt I was bringing something significant to the party (not to mention everyone went /NIN so I had like zero healing to do, just hasting).

Earned 4 merit points tonight, through it all at my fourth point towards capping Regen Potency. Such an awesome merit option, that one. Valesti sold me on it when I was still a lowly not-75-WHM. He told me that with the AF2 body essentially meant Cure1/tic with Regen III. Which is true. And that's why I'm working so hard towards it. :)



Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
« Reply #412 on: April 09, 2008, 07:31:33 AM »
Level 70 BLM!  I'm looking forward to some upcoming "goodies" in the next few levels:

Level 71 - Prism Cape
Level 72 - Jet Seraweels
Level 73 - A.Body, A.Hands, Igqira Weskit

Sorcerer's Ring and Uggalepih Pendant are still on my shopping list, but meh, I'm not too concerned about them at the moment.


Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
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My main objectvie is finally completed.

Got Yigit Gomlek! Also, I'm sure Ryan will notice something else in the pic. :p

For those who are curious about the states.

I am sure this will be the best body piece I'll have for a long, long time. :p

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Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
« Reply #414 on: April 11, 2008, 05:30:27 AM »

Askar Zucchetto + Killer Bow {mine}.


Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
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You have askar body. You dirty, dirty SOB. I love you.


Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
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Pat, I was checking the stats on the gear he got. Askar Zucchetto is a head piece. :p

The whole set is quite neat.

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Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
« Reply #417 on: April 11, 2008, 12:27:55 PM »
Aye.  Askar Korazin is the body, Askar Zucchetto is the head.


Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
« Reply #418 on: April 11, 2008, 12:59:15 PM »
whoops, gettin' hasty. Just saw "Askar" and figured you picked up teh body. :P


Final Fantasy XI - Journal!
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wow..  I was reading this thread and you guys are really amazing fans of FFXI. Seems like a lot of hard work going here and congratulations so many accomplishments. At 580 days playtime now I find time once in awhile for the totally no exp points and no item drop events. I thought you might like to see a picture of our self made chocobo races we do once a month here on Sylph. Next month we celebrate 4 years as a linkshell and we are still loving this place called Vana'diel. Hopefully our sky ls we started gets to do Kirin this month. We waited patiently in "line" for 5 hours yesterday with 2 other ls in the that dang room. Finally we just killed Genbu few times and called it a day, got some nice drops but it just was not the main event...  /sigh

Really nice thread to see outside the FFXI world of websites.

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