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Author Topic: The Misadventures of Alisandre, Part One of Fifty  (Read 2250 times)
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« on: May 01, 2006, 02:52:05 PM »

Meet Alisandre, Warlock of the Slutty Robes.  Unfortunately for this poor little gnome, the person who controls her really doesn't have a clue what he's doing at times.  As such, a simple quest to go look at an elite turtle turned into a continent-spanning orgy of confused exploration.

It was the Hinterlands, home of gryphons, trolls, and filthy dwarves.  The quest was simple:  find and take a photograph of Gammerita, a level 48 elite turtle.  As you might imagine, Gammerita had a serious issue with having her photo taken, and she went on the attack.  Like every warlock should be familiar with doing, I turned around and ran like a bitch.  And kept running.  And ran some more, because the damn thing was on me like a dog on a bone.

Once I finally came to a halt, I was in the far northeastern corner of the zone, well away from the safety that Aerie Peak provides.  Since I was so far away, and I had no real idea how to climb back up the cliffs I had dropped down to get to the turtle, I had a grand idea:  I'd swim north to the Eastern Plaguelands and get back to civilization that way.  My hearthstone was still cooling down, so I couldn't just zip back in a heartbeat.

Oh dear.

As most of you probably know (and I do now), the Eastern Plaguelands are landlocked.  But I had no idea.  So I swam and swam for what seemed like forever.  I saw no signs of any sort of civilization.  So I kept swimming.  And kept swimming.

I got my first glimpse of trouble when I saw that I was apparently swimming through solid ground.  But I persevered, continuing my long, arduous swim to something remotely resembling an actual zone.

Ah, there it was.  I got that lovely bit of text that said I was in the Eastern Plaguelands.  Finally, I just knew I'd find a beach of some sort so I could actually get on land.

I did.  Sorta.

Out of nowhere, about twenty minutes into this little jaunt, a night elven ruin appeared on the horizon.  No NPCs, no enemies; just me, my trusty felsteed, and an eerie sense that I was somewhere that I really wasn't meant to be.

(This area is found here on the world map, FYI.)

After seeing this, I got excited.  Surely now I was close to getting away from this damn swimming.  No such luck.  I kept swimming west, knowing that eventually I was bound to hit a zone, whether it was the actual Plaguelands or somewhere else.

Then I got some welcome text:  I had just entered Tirisfal Glades.  Lovely, I thought...but then I took around.  When I saw mountains in "Tirisfal" that put Ironforge to shame, I knew I should probably buckle down for an even longer haul across the seas.

So I did what anyone would do:  put myself on auto-run, open the map, and went to get some goddamn breakfast.

When I came back shortly thereafter, I was overjoyed.  I could actually see myself on a zone map.  But although I was in the water on the map, a quick cancellation showed that I was, in fact, standing on dry ground.  I despaired.

I shouldn't have.  The goal was near, the end was in sight.  Sure enough, within a few minutes, I was on soil that actually existed on a map, near a dead sea turtle just to the northwest of Scarlet Monastery.

It was about this time, when I opened my bags to set off fireworks, that I remembered the existence of my Ultrasafe Gadgetzan Transporter.  Oops. :P

So there you have it, a swim that nearly spanned a continent, seeing sights I'm willing to bet few people have seen before...namely miles and miles of uninhabited coastline and enough water to make you loathe the color blue. :P

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« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2006, 05:56:27 PM »


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