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Author Topic: Civilization III PBEM  (Read 1663 times)
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« on: August 15, 2008, 11:22:42 PM »

Anyone here interested in starting a Civ 3 PBEM (Play by E-mail) group?

I've been interested in starting one of these for a long time but have never gotten around to doing it.


    [*]Civilization III Base Game
    [*]Civilization III: Play The World Expansion
    [*]Civilization III: Conquests Expansion
    [*]The latest version of the game (for me on a Mac it's v1.22)
    [*]A working E-mail address you can and will check daily

    If you have Civilization III: Complete, that'll work too, as it's a compilation of the vanilla game and it's expansions. If you've played and owned Civilization III but don't know what PBEM is, here's a brief explanation.

    Basically what happens is one player starts the game off under a special PBEM setting from within the Civ game (this would be me). That player makes his/her first turn, and then afterwards he saves and emails that save to the next person, who takes their turn, saves, and then emails it to the next person. This continues until the game is over. It's quite simple.

    The catch is that this can take a long time. A "quick" game can take up to 100 turns, that is 100 cycles of players making their individual turns. Assuming every checks their email every day, and a turn is finished every day, a single game could take a good chunk of a year. It could take more.

    The saving grace of the game is that a single turn only takes a few minutes. Thinking out and making your moves even in the most complicated of ways never goes over 15 minutes, so the idea is that PBEM games don't really suck up a person's free time, but rather go on in the background for a long time.

    I'm not sure how many, if any, people here play Civ 3, nor how many of those people would be interested. None-the-less I thought I'd make this thread. If your interested or have more questions just post them. I'm new to this as well, but hopefully I can clear anything up. I have no real plans for what map/scenario we'd be playing, my hope would be a big one, but depending on the number of interested players it could end up being smaller. There's also the option of AI players to fill in for a lack of real players. If I get just one interested person I'll do everything I can to make this go through, as any sort of multiplayer interaction in Civ III is pretty sweet. Just post and say what you think if your interested.

    If you don't have Civ III, but your interested in playing, you can pick up the Complete edition of Civ III at amazon for under $15, and that includes everything you need to do PBEM, you just need a email. Also, Civ III (to the best of my knowledge) works on pretty much any computer. It's all 2D, but respectable graphics, so if your worried it won't run good on your slightly used computer fear no longer. I'm using a slightly older laptop (Mac PowerBook G4, 1.25 GHz processor, 1.25 GB RAM, etc...) and it runs fine.

    The only thing you need to know and know well is that I'm looking for dedicated members. No droppers. You must check your email every day unless something really important comes up (vacation). Otherwise this is a pretty easy thing to get into and I think will be a lot of fun =)
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