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Author Topic: For Those Who Care: See No Evil (minor untagged spoilers)  (Read 1877 times)
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« on: May 09, 2006, 04:56:31 AM »

So for those who don't know me well, I used to be a massive pro wrestling fan, and to this day I still watch an episode of Monday Night RAW here and there. Well, a friend of mine got two free tickets to tonight's taping, and after the show we went to the red carpet premiere of the wrestler Kane's first feature, "See No Evil".

Kane, for those who don't know, is a 6'10, 320lb beast of a man (with a fair amount of in-ring talent given his size and weight) who was first introduced in a full red bodysuit and a mask as the long-lost, "You were supposed to die in a fire"-brother of The Undertaker. As ridiculous of a story as it was at the time, I must say he was always one of my favorite characters. He's since ditched the mask (and the top half of his bodysuit), along with his hair. He's one ugly motherfucker.

Anyway, the movie itself is not bad at all for a horror flick, especially when one considers that this is the first feature film the WWE has ever produced. Kane (whose actual name is Glenn Jacobs) portrays Jacob Goodnight, who at first glance is nothing more than a giant killing machine. Difference is, this guy is actually as big as he looks. No "magic of camera" bullshit here...if anything, the rest of the cast looks too big next to him. It makes for a far more "believable" Jason Voorhees type, at least to me.

His big trademark thing in this movie is tearing the eyes out of his victims with his fingers. You find out down the road exactly why he's a sick, twisted freak (although, he's supposed to be dead, technically, but the film is so gory you almost don't notice that gigantic, unsolved plothole).

Now, as with any good horror movie, we have to get a bunch of relatively good-looking young troublemakers into one big place, and this movie does just that, with a bunch of twentysomething delinquents, all locked up in county jail for different (mostly minor) offenses, having been chosen to help clean and renovate an old hotel that had been condemned after a fire which killed the owner. The deal is if they do three days of hard work, they'll have their sentences reduced by a month. Sounds reasonable enough.

From then on it's basically a nonstop gorefest. A prequel that opens the movie is your first hint of what's to come. Dismembering, impaling, choking, rag-doll-tossing Kane comes off as a soulless psychopath as he is silent for almost the entire movie. But the explanation of his character's past is eventually delved into (with plenty of disturbing flashback imagery along the way), and, while almost guaranteed to be cliche, it works.

There are moments of humor, both unintentional and ridiculously intentional (the final scenes come to mind the most), but it all works. While I may have been a bit pumped at the fact that I was sitting literally right next to the likes of HHH, Vince McMahon, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels (not to mention the star himself), as a fan of horror and of popcorn flicks, this works on both levels.

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