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My name is Chadrick Evans. I'm an 18 year old video game developer, composer and graphic artist. In 2010, at the early age of 14, I discovered a neat little computer program called "The Games Factory" and immediately began my journey to become a professional game developer. The past few years have been an exciting trip for me, I feel as though I've learned so much and I'm ready to make my mark in the gaming community. I'll admit, I don't know much about promotion or advertising but I do know that the only way to get started is to reach out and show others what I have to offer. If you could please take a moment to read about my project it would be greatly appreciated, in fact, it would bring me one step closer to achieving my dream!

WarRab: Veteran, Indie RPG/Platformer Game
created by One Man Army Games (Chadrick Evans)

Platform: Windows (Possibly many other platforms in the near future!)
Released: 1/18/15
Demo Available here

WarRab: Veteran is a 2D, Steampunk/Fantasy RPG containing real-time strategy and platforming elements. You take on the role of Flappy, a young sailor who is fighting to save his kind from being hunted by the ruthless Howler Warriors. Through this very raw and original story, you travel the developing world of Andoran meeting new friends, foes and choice-driven fates. Diving into new areas will fill you with a sense of curiosity as the soundtrack builds up and attracts your attention. The music and artwork merges together to express the perfect blend of emotional empathy. I currently have a live kickstarter with a very humble goal of $200. If you are interested in learning more about this project please feel free to reply!

-Colorful, vibrant world full of appealing dialogue.

-Character "Keepsake" feature to hold skill boosting items.

-Up to four party members with a unique set of skills.

-Intense real-time strategy battles inspired by classic RPG titles.

-Beautifully composed soundtrack to evoke emotion within every scene.

-Five original sub-boss battles, each with their own fighting style.