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Author Topic: Round Robin- we haven't done one in a LOOOOOONG time.  (Read 1864 times)
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« on: May 24, 2006, 11:27:00 AM »

You all know how round robins work, right?  One person starts off a story, then someone else picks up where the first person left off, then another person picks up where the previous person left off, yadda yadda yadda.  

So here goes:


After 45 minutes of band practice, singer Lisa Whalen, guitarist Kevin Daniels, drummer Roswell (Ross) Benton, and bassist/keyboardist Neil Kagan (all high school juniors) decided to take a break and shoot the breeze.  It was only a couple of short weeks till summer vacation and everyone was excited.  

"Man, I can't wait till summer vacation!"  enthused an excited Neil.  "My friend Ashok agreed to record us for a demo.  His family records Indian musicians at their house so if he can record that complicated stuff he can record us.  Then perhaps we can get some paying gigs at real venues, oh yeah!"  

"Well I can't wait to hit the beach and soak some rays.  That's what summer's all about," replied Lisa.  

"Tch, I'm just looking forward to not having to get up early in the morning," snuffed Ross.  

"You're so lazy, man!" teased Kevin as he affectionatly clipped the back of Ross' head.  "As for me, I'm finally going to ask out Cynthia Wu before summer vacation starts.  It's about time I finally did, you know?  I mean she's so perfect. She's so beautiful, graceful, intelligent, talented, popular..."

"Heh, a bit too perfect if you ask me," snorted Ross.  "It never fails, man.  Someone that perfect always has a deep, dark side, ya know?"

"Yo shut up, man!" retorted Kevin.  "Why you gotta be like that for!?"

"Hey, I'm just sayin..." shrugged Ross.

"Whoa, easy there boys," mused Lisa.  "I think what Ross means is that we don't wanna see you get hurt, that's all.  I mean, we're your friends and..."

"Guys, guys guys," interrupted Neil.  "I know we're Kevin's friends and everything and that good friends need to be there to catch him when he falls, but there's no need to preemptively catch him before he's even left the house, yet!  I say Kevin should go for it, otherwise he'll just keep asking himself 'what if?'  And as his friends, we oughta help him, right?"

Ross and Lisa nodded in agreement.  Kevin smiled warmly at Neil and replied "thanks, man."  Kevin had always admired Neil's encouraging attitude.

"Okay loverboy," teased Lisa as she poked Kevin's shoulder blade with two fingers.  "So what's your first move gonna be?  I'm being serious.  You gotta make a good first impression, especially with a girl like Cynthia."

Kevin thought about this for a minute.  "Well...."

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« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2006, 06:25:59 PM »

“Dude!” sighed Neil, “I had your back, man and all you can do is sit there? Bro, I thought you had a plan or something.”


Ross and Lisa gave each other a oh too familiar grin of malice. “You know, it isn’t too late for us to sign up for that Band Rumble at school.” The two whispered in perfect harmony. The Band Rumble was a tradition at the high school due to its famous musical founder. Every December and June, the winner would get to open for a touring band from a list.

“Woah woah, I thought we couldn’t enter that thing?” asked Neil.

“Lets do it!” Kevin shouted with excitement. “We’ll win that stupid rumble and I’ll declare my love on stage!”

Lisa and Ross again bared their grin with a nod of success.

“Now that we have something to practice for, why don’t we get back to it.” Lisa suggested, clearing her throat in preparation. “Oh, think your friend Ashok can give us some time in that studio before the rumble? Might be useful to hear how we sound so we can tweak.”

“I’m on it!”

“I’m gonna get us something to drink, any requests?” Ross inquired as he walked towards the stairs. “Wonder if Nicole’s home. Think she can hear us from here?”

“She aint your maid, she’s your girlfriend! We’re in the freaking garage, how much of a walk is it, you rich prick?!”

“You had to go there, bro.” Kevin and Neil sighed in eerie unison.

Ross laughed his way up the stairs and disappeared behind the door.
Analogy spouting
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I approve of this nonsense!


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« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2006, 04:01:36 PM »

So while Ross went to get some drinks, Neil phoned Ashok.  Meanwhile, Lisa and Kevin were talking.  As soon as Neil got off the phone Ross and Nicole came down with some bottled waters.  

"Good news!" both Neil and Ross exclaimed in unison.  

"Jinx!" both said afterwards.  Neil decided to let Ross go first, but it was Nicole who spoke.  "You guys are in.  I took it upon myself to sign you up for the Band Rumble.  Unfortunately, because we're a late entry you're stuck going first."  

"That's good news, Nicole," replied Neil.  "I mean, I thought we couldn't sign up for that since we don't have a demo yet or anything.  I'm just happy we got on the bill at all.  Anyway, speaking of the demo, I got off the phone with Ashok.  He said he'll come down here on Saturday, bring his console and a bunch of mikes so we can get a rough live mix.  He's never miked a full drumkit before, so this'll be practice for him too.  Once vacation starts, we'll record for real, track-by-track the way the pros do."

"This is all well and good," agreed Lisa, then she looked to Kevin.  "But what about Cynthia?"    

Kevin bit his lip.  Then Nicole brightly said, "why don't you dedicate a song in your set to her that really expresses how you feel?"

Everyone looked at Nicole, stunned.  It was such an obvious idea, but none of them had thought of it.  This is why everyone in the band liked Nicole.  She always had good ideas and was on the ball about things.  Though she was only a sophomore, she was surprisingly mature and had a lot of common sense.  Nicole and Ross seemed like an offbeat couple to Neil, but Neil was just happy to have Nicole around as the unofficial band manager.  

"Alright Kev," said Ross slyly.  "You got anything?"

"Well... there is something I've been working on," Kevin replied sheepishly as he sang and played the song he wrote.  "So what do you think?" he asked, after he had finished.

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