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Author Topic: Wow just wow... article on a Ninja game dev studio  (Read 1836 times)
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« on: June 01, 2006, 01:42:45 PM »

Article on Tose.  This Dev studio has been around since '79 and has made over a thousand games, NEVER taking credit for any of them.  here's a list of some of their games.credit

(final fantasy ports, kid icarus, Dragon Quest)
Nihon Daihyou Team no Kantoku ni Naruu! Sekaihatsu Soccer RPG (SS/Enix)
Dragon Quest (i/Square Enix)
Dragon Quest I-II (GBC/Enix)
Dragon Quest III (GBC/Enix)
Dragon Quest Monsters (GB/Enix)
Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (GB/Enix)
Dragon Quest Monsters 1-2 (PS/Enix)
Slime Morimori Dragon Quest (GBA/Square Enix)
Slime Morimori Dragon Quest 2 (NDS/Square Enix)
Final Fantasy I-II Advance (GBA/Square Enix)
Final Fantasy I (PS-WSC/Square)
Final Fantasy II (PS/Square)
Final Fantasy IV (PS/Square)
Final Fantasy V (PS/Square)
Final Fantasy VI (PS/Square)
Final Fantasy Collection (PS/Square)
Chrono Trigger (PS/Square)
Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon for Wonderswan (WS/Bandai)
Dragonball 2 (FC/Bandai)
Dragonball 3 (FC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z (FC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z II (FC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z III (FC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Gaiden (FC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Super Saiya Legend (SFC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Chou Butouden (SFC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Chou Butouden 2 (SFC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Chou Butouden 3 (SFC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Shin Butouden (SS/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Bu Yuu Retsuden (MD/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Hyper Dimension (SFC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22 (PS/Bandai)
Dragonball Final Bout (PS/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Chou Goku Den Totsugeki Hen (SFC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Chou Goku Den Kakusei Hen (SFC/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Idainaru Son Gokuu Densetsu (PCE/Bandai)
Dragonball Z Idainaru Dragonball Densetsu (SS/Bandai)
Dragonball (WSC/Bandai)
Kinnikuman Muscle Tag Match/M.U.S.C.L.E. (FC/Bandai)
Kinnikuman II Yo - Dream Tag Match (WSC/Bandai)
Jigoku Sensei Nuubee (PS/Bandai)
Pro Golfer Saru: Kage no Tournament (FDS/Bandai)
Datach Dragonball Z (FC/Bandai)
Datach Ultraman Club (FC/Bandai)
Datach J-League (FC/Bandai)
Super Robot Taisen Compact (WS/Banpresto)
Super Robot Taisen Compact for WSC (WSC/Banpresto)
Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 (all three) (WS/Bandai)
Super Robot Taisen Impact (PS2/Banpresto)
Super Robot Taisen MX (PS2/Banpresto)
Moero!! Pro Yakyuu/Bases Loaded (FC/Jaleco)
Moero!! Pro Yakyuu '88/Bases Loaded II (FC/Jaleco)
Moe Pro '90/Bases Loaded 3 (FC/Jaleco)
Moe Pro! Saikyou Hen/Bases Loaded 4 (FC/Jaleco)
Moero!! Pro Soccer/Goal! (FC/Jaleco)
Moero!! Pro Tennis (FC/Jaleco)
Moero!! Juudou Warriors (FC/Jaleco)
Moero!! Junior Basket/Hoops (FC/Jaleco)
Terao no Dosukoi Oozumou (FC/Jaleco)
Palutena no Kagami/Kid Icarus (FDS/Nintendo)
Game Boy Gallery/Game & Watch Gallery (GB/Nintendo)
Game Boy Gallery 2/Game & Watch Gallery 2 (GB/Nintendo)
Game Boy Gallery 3/Game & Watch Gallery 3 (GB/Nintendo)
Game & Watch Gallery 4 (GBA/Nintendo)
Nintendo Puzzle Collection (GC/Nintendo)
Densetsu no Starfy (GBA/Nintendo)
Densetsu no Starfy 2 (GBA/Nintendo)
Densetsu no Starfy 3 (GBA/Nintendo)
Densetsu no Starfy 4 (NDS/Nintendo)
Super Princess Peach (NDS/Nintendo)
Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwa Chou DS Series 1-5 (NDS/Nintendo)
Namco Classic (FC/Namco)
Namco Classic II (FC/Namco)
Sangokushi: Chuugen no Hasha (FC/Namco)
Youkai Douchuuki (PCE/Namco)
Valkyrie no Densetsu (PCE/Namco)
Namco Museum Vol. 2 (PS/Namco)
Namco Museum Vol. 5 (PS/Namco)
Capcom Generation 2 (PS/Capcom)
Biohazard 0 (GC/Capcom)
Biohazard 2 (GC/Capcom)
Biohazard 3 Last Escape (GC/Capcom)
Biohazard Code Veronica Kanzenhan (GC/Capcom)
Biohazard Gun Survivor (PS/Capcom)
Gun Survivor 2: Biohazard Code Veronica (PS2/Capcom)
Gun Survivor 3: Dino Crisis (PS2/Capcom)
The Pro Yakyuu (PCE/Intec)
The Pro Yakyuu Super (PCE/Intec)
Sengoku Kantou Sangokushi (PCE/Intec)
Taiheiki (PCE/Intec)
All Yoshimoto Quiz Ou Ketteisen DX (SS/Yoshimoto)
Funky Fantasy (SS/Yoshimoto)
Shrek: Hassle at the Castle (GBA/TDK Mediactive)
Shrek: Reekin' Havoc (GBA/TRK Mediactive)
Sasuke vs Commander (AC/SNK)
Vanguard (AC/SNK)
Sega GT Homologation Special (DC/Sega)
Sakatsuku 2002 J.League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukuruu! (PS2/Sega)
The King of Route 66 (PS2/Sega)
F355 Challenge (PS2/Sega)
Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation (PS2/Sega)
Metal Gear: Ghost Babel/Metal Gear Solid (GBC/Konami)
Densha de Go! Pocket (PSP/Taito)
Ikki (AC/FC/Sunsoft)
Layer Section II (SS/Mediaquest)
Super Tetris 3 (SFC/BPS)
2002 FIFA World Cup Soccer (GC/EA Square)
Sanrio Timenet Future (GB/Imagineer)
Sanrio Timenet Past (GB/Imagineer)
EVE the Lost One (PS/Imagineer)
The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King (GBA/Buena Vista)

Development collaboration:
Dragon Quest VII (PS/Enix)
Dragon Quest VIII (music program) (PS2/Enix)
Final Fantasy VII (PS/Square)

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« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2006, 01:55:23 PM »

Wow, that's pretty interesting. These guys seem to be unsung heroes of video game development. Some of those titles are pretty damn good, even if the company seem to mainly (?) work on ports and portable games.
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« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2006, 02:03:51 PM »

Interesting. Too bad they are kinda sucky with ports; apparantly the japanese release of VP on the PSP has load times just to access the menu, despite it having originally been a disc based game and having no such issues on the PSX... Which has less ram than the PSP. :P
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