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Author Topic: WTS: HUGE Rare Console, Game & Misc. Items (NIB Consoles, Promos, RPGs, etc.)  (Read 12324 times)
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« on: May 08, 2009, 03:56:03 AM »

Hello everyone!

It's Bluehaze here back again with my yearly selling thread.  I'm tidying up my gaming collection by selling-off a ton of great extras that I've amassed over the years.  These items include brand new consoles all the way down to old school boxes and instruction manuals for all you people perfecting your collections.  The last two years (2007 & 2008) I had my items ebayed and cooperatively sold here at RPGFan, but this year I'm bringing it all straight to you guys, the community : )

As before, all of my items come from a non-smoking environment and are in 100% working condition.

If you have any questions regarding any of the items below--such as what a certain foreign game is all about or about taking additional photos for you--then please feel free to ask.  If it is a concern or correction, then I would prefer a PM.

Please read below for my selling and buying rules regarding this thread.

S&H Costs & Ethics
  • All shipping prices are for N. America only.  For all other buyers, PM me with your country and the items that you are interested in so that I can give you an 'estimate.'  Until I get to the post office and they actually weigh all of your items and measure the shipping box, I cannot know the exact cost for international buyers.
  • All shipments in N. America above $50 will have FREE insurance.  For buyers outside of N. America, if you would like insurance, then please let me know when we reach the stage of determining final costs.
  • I follow guidelines for safe packaging.
  • All non-handheld consoles are a flat rate of $16.  This makes it easier for me than having to go through the hours long process of calculating twenty consoles for each potential state.  Please see below for shipping discounts on consoles.
  • All handheld consoles are a flat rate of $7.  Please see below for shipping discounts on handheld consoles.
  • All games and books are a flat rate of $5.  Please see below for shipping discounts on games and books.
  • All accessories and promos will have a shipping cost beside their buying cost.
  • There are a very few amount of common sense exceptions to this pricing. For example, CPS2 motherboards, which are games the size of consoles.  Such items will have their shipping cost listed beside their buying price.
  • I accept pickups.  In fact, I endorse them!  It saves you shipping costs and me a drive to the post office.  If you are interested in picking up your items, then please let me know when we are working out the final costs.

Shipping Discounts:

  • After the first console, shipping for each additional one will only be half-price ($8).  
  • After the first book, shipping for each additional one will only be $2.
  • After the first game or handheld console, shipping for each additional one will only be $1!
  • Additional shipping discounts will vary depending on how much space I can save while preserving the safe packaging of your items.  This includes accessories and promos.

Payment Methods
  • I accept Money Orders and Paypal.  I do not anything else.  Do not ask.
  • I ship items after I have received payment.
  • I prefer Money Orders so that Paypal doesn't rape me with their fees, esp. on large payments.  If you are not in urgency to receive your items, then I would be very grateful if you could send me a Money Order instead.

Item Prices

Nearly all of the prices for the items listed below are the result of averaging out common eBay prices and/or consulting various game collecting websites regarding appropriate pricing.  Some of the items are hard to find, and therefore hard to receive accurate pricing on.  Thus, some pricing is given in a ballpark range.  

Resources that you can use when deciding on some of the rarer/expensive items in this thread are:

To put it short, some of these items are very rare (such as the 15-year old NIB SNES console & the non-licensed NES games).  If you are one of the wonderful game collectors on SRK, then this thread will likely be a treasure trove of gems : )


I am open to trading for the following items:
  • Fighting game tourney shirts, size Medium (e.g. EVO, Texas Showdown, Cooperation Cup, etc.) (no ripped/discolored items)

Now...On to the items!!!

CIB=Complete In Box
NIB=New In Box
NES=Nintendo Entertainment System
SFC=Super FamiCon (Japanese SNES)
SS=Sega Saturn
PS1=PlayStation 1
PS2=PlayStation 2
" "=Same picture as the one immediately prior.


1xCIB Sega Saturn (MK-80001)

1xCIB XBox Video Game System (0903 Part No. X10-11857-01)


7xLot of Boxed NES Games, no manuals

Lot 1 (5 Games)
1943: The Battle of Midway
A Nightmare On Elm Street
Arch Rivals

Lot 2 (5 Games)
Back to the Future II & III
Burai Fighter
California Games

Lot 3 (5 Games)
Bad News Baseball
Double Dragon III

Lot 4 (5 Games)
Dudes with Attitude
Fire 'N Ice
Friday the 13th
Guerrilla War
Gun Smoke

Lot 5 (5 Games)
Ice Hockey
IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II
Iron Tank
Isolated Warrior

Lot 6 (5 Games)
King Neptune's Adventure
Little League Baseball Championship Series
Lode Runner
Monster In My Pocket

Lot 7 (5 Games)
NES Play Action Football
Phantom Fighter
Pinball Quest

Lot 8 (5 Games)
Pipe Dreams
River City Ransom
Roger Clemons' MVP Baseball
Spy vs Spy

Lot 9 (5 Games)
Star Wars
Swords and Serpents
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Terra Cresta

Lot 10 (7 Games)
The Addams Family
The Adventures of Gilligan's Island
The Battle of Olympus
The Ultimate Stuntman
Total Recall
Wrath of the Black Manta
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Gold Cartridge

1xCIB NES Air Fortress - $5

1xCIB NES Big Nose the Caveman - $10

1xCIB NES Boulder Dash - $10

1xCIB NES Clash at Demonhead - $10

1xCIB NES Dirty Harry - $5

1xCIB NES Donkey Kong Classics - $25

1xCIB NES Dragon Fighter - $75

1xCIB NES Excitebike - $20

1xCIB NES Hudson Hawk - $10

1xCIB NES Karnov - $10

1xCIB NES R.B.I. Baseball - $10

1xCIB NES Shinobi - $15

1xCIB NES Silver Surfer - $55

1xCIB NES The Guardian Legend - $45

1xCIB NES The Legend of Zelda, Gold Cartridge - $40

1xCIB NES Top Gun - $10

1xCIB NES Uninvited - $50

1xCIB NES Who Framed Roger Rabbit - $20

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« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2009, 03:58:22 AM »


8xLot of CIB Sealed SFC Games

Lot 1 (5 Games)
Aretha II
Astral Bout 2
Bishin Densetsu Zoku: The Legend of Bishin Zoku
Burai: Hachigyoku no Yuushi Densetsu

Lot 2 (5 Games)
Dragon Quest VI
Dual Orb 2
Elfaria II
Fushigi no Dungeon 2: Fuurai no Shiren
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu

Lot 3 (5 Games)
Jyutei Senki
Lennus: Kodai Kikai no Kioku
Madara 2
Mahoujin GuruGuru
Maten Densetsu

Lot 4 (5 Games)
Might & Magic:?Book II
Mortal Kombat
Mystic Ark
Ogre Battle
Onita Atsushi: FMW

Lot 5 (5 Games)
Princess Minerva
Ryuki Heidan Danzalv
San Goku Shi Seishi: Tenbu Spirits
Seiken Densetsu 2
Shin Megami Tensei II

Lot 6 (5 Games)
Shin Seikoku: La Wares
Shounin yo, Taishi o Idake!!
Silva Saga II
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II Turbo

Lot 7 (4 Games)
Super Royal Blood
The Blue Crystalrod
The Last Battle
Wedding Peach

1xFactory Sealed SNES Killer Instinct 6pcs. Unit (SNS P AKLE) (UPC:10045496830455)

1xNIB Game Boy KOF '95 - $35

1xCIB Game Boy Pokemon: Blue Version - $20
" "

1xNIB Game Boy Samurai Shodown - $30
" "

1xCIB Game Boy Tesserae - $30
" "

1xBoxed Game Boy Tetris 2
Note: Missing instruction and plastic interior
" "

Lot of 7xCIB Sega Genesis Games
1xEcco the Dolphin
1xEternal Champions
1xMadden '94
1xNBA Jam
1xSonic the Hedgehog 2
1xSuper Street Fighter II
1xTony LaRussa Baseball

1xCIB Sega CD Joe Montana's NFL Football - $5

1xCIB SS Die Hard Trilogy - $10

1xPS1 Alundra 2 Game Disc
Note: This is the game disc (in case) only

1xCIB PS1 Final Fantasy Tactics - $30

1xCIB PS1 Lunar Silver Star Story Complete - $50

1xCIB PS1 Twisted Metal 4 - $5

Lot of 3xBoxed Nintendo 64 Games
1xMadden '99
1xMLB featuring Ken Griffey Jr.
1xNBA Live '99

Lot of 10xCIB Nintendo 64 Games
1xConker's Bad Fur Day
1xGoldeneye 007
1xQuest 64
1xPerfect Dark
1xPilotWings 64
1xResident Evil 2
1xSuper Smash Bros.
1xTurok 2: Seeds of Evil
1xThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
1xWWF Wrestlemania 2000

1xCIB Dreamcast JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - $25

1xNIB GBA Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - $40

1xCIB GBA Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku - $10
" "

1xCIB GBA Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper - $35
" "

1xCIB GBA Super Mario World, Super Mario Advance 2 - $20
" "

Lot of 3xCIB PSP Games
1xLumines (ULUS 10002)
Note: This original ULUS 10002 is being used to downgrade firmware from 3.50 to 1.50.  Thus, this is the preferred version if you are wanting to mod your PSP. Some are going as high as $60 ATM on ebay.  A little pricey IMHO.
1xCIB PSP Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (ULUS 10062)
1xCIB PSP Wipeout Pure, Non-Greatest Hits 1st Ed.

Accessories, Promos & Misc. Rarities

Lot of 113xSNES Game Boxes
2xAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder
1xAero the Arcrobat
1xA.S.P. (Air Strike Patrol)
1xAlien vs. Predator
1xBatman Returns
1xBattle Grand Prix
1xBugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage
1xC2: Clay Fighter 2
1xCal Ripken Jr. Baseball
1xChester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool
2xCool Spot
2xContra III: The Alien Wars
1xDavid Crane's Amazing Tennis
1xDaffy Duck: The Marvin Missions
2xDennis the Menace
1xDesert Strike: Return to the Gulf
1xDisney's Aladdin
1xESPN Speed World
1xE.V.O.: Search for Eden
2xFinal Fantasy: Mystic Quest
1xHardball III
2xHarley's Humongous Adventure
1xHal's Hole in One Golf
1xHome Alone
1xInindo: Way of the Ninja
1xJames Bond Jr.
2xJohn Madden Football '93
1xJurassic Park
1xLester the Unlikely
1xLufia & the Fortress of Doom
1xMadden NFL '94
1xMecarobot Golf
1xMetal Marines
1xMichael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City
1xMicky Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse
1xMortal Kombat II
1xMusya: The Classic Japanese Tale of Horror
3xNBA Jam
1xNBA Showdown
1xNHL '95
2xNobunaga's Ambition
1xPaladin's Quest
2xPitfall: The Mayan Adventure
1xPro Quarterback
1xRace Drivin'
2xRomance of the Three Kingdoms II
3xRyan Sandberg Plays Super Bases Loaded
1xShanghai II: Dragon's Eye
1xSim City
1xSoldiers of Fortune
1xSpace Megaforce
1xSpanky's Quest
1xStunt Race FX
2xSuper Baseball 2000
1xSuper Baseball Simulator 1000
1xSuper Batter Up
1xSuper Black Bass
2xSuper Caesars Palace
2xSuper Metroid
1xSuper Punch Out
1xSuper Slam Dunk
1xSuper Slap Shot
1xSuper Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
1xSuper Street Fighter II
1xThe Billard Congress of America Presents: Championship Pool
1xThe Great Circus Mystery, Starring Mickey & Minnie
1xThe Incredible Hulk
1xThe Lion King
1xThe Lord of the Rings, Vol. 1
1xThe Pagemaster
1xThe Simpson's: Bart's Nightmare
1xThe Super Aquatic Games, Starring the Aquabats
1xTiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!
1xTop Gear
1xTuff E Nuff
1xTurn and Burn: No-Fly Zone
1xWayne's World
1xWhere In Time is Carmen Sandiego?
1xWinter Olympic Games
1xWizardry V
1xWolfenstein 3-D
1xWWF Raw
1xWWF Royal Rumble
$452 ($20 S&H)

1xFactory Sealed Lot of 10 Atari Jaguar Promo Display Boxes
Note: It is sealed, thus I can only determine two of the boxes in the promo package: Defender 2000 and the awesome fighting game Ultra Vortek.
$45 ($4 S&H)

1xNIB Promo Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Ghaleon Puppet
$15 ($6 S&H)

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« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2009, 03:59:40 AM »


1xCIB SN ProgramPad w/Pre-programmed moves for SFII (SV-337) - $15 ($5 S&H)

1xNIB SNES Mortal Kombat 3 Kontrol Pad, Ver. 2 - $30  ($5 S&H) (Price guesstimating)

1xNIB SNES Yoko Gameware Super Pad Controller (SENS-8151) - $5 ($4 S&H)

1xBoxed SNES Asciiware Fighter Stick SN, Licensed by Nintendo (No. 4920) - $5 ($6 S&H)

1xNew SNES System Inserts & Manual - $10 ($2 S&H)

1xBoxed Saturn Avenger Light Gun
Note: Not sure if this originally came with instructions
$15 ($5 S&H)

1xFactory Sealed SNES Aladdin Promo Video - $30 ($4 S&H)

1xFactory Sealed SNES Donkey Kong Country Promo Preview Video - $70 ($4 S&H)

1xFactory Sealed SNES Street Fighter II: Turbo Promo Preview Video - $35 ($4 S&H)

1xNintendo 64 'Hot News, Insider's Guide to N64 Promo Video - $5 ($4 S&H)

1xNintendo 64 Pre-System-Launch Promo Video - $10 ($4 S&H)

1xNintendo 64 Star Fox 64 Promo Preview Video - $10 ($4 S&H)

1xNintendo 64 Diddy Kong Racing Promo Preview Video - $20 ($4 S&H)

1xFactory Sealed PS2 Limited Edition Onimusha 3: Demon Siege Duel Shock Controller - $5 ($4 S&H)

1xPromo Grand Theft Auto Vice City 7.5"x9" Decal/Sticker - $2 ($2 S&H)

1xPromo Grand Theft Auto Double Pack Gift Wrap (wrapping paper) - $2 ($2 S&H)

Lot of 28xFactory Sealed/NIB Promotional Discs
Note: These were either given out at E3 events or were given to store managers for display/preview purposes only.
1xATV3 Offroad Fury Soundtrack Sampler
1xPS2 Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, Behind the Combat Preview DVD
1xXBox Conker Live & Reloaded Demo
1xDDR Extreme Limited Edition Music Sampler
1xPS2 Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Promo Pack
1xXBox Fable Limited Edition Bonus DVD
1xXBox Forza Motorsport Demo
1xPC Full Spectrum Warrior Demo
1xPS2 Genji: Dawn of the Samurai Demo
1xPS2 Jak X: Combat Racing Demo
1xPS2 Killzone Demo
1xPS2 Konami Preview Disc
1xXBox Limited Edition Mechassault 2: Lonewolf Presell & Arcade Disc
1xXBox Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Demo/Making of
1xPS2 Racket: Deadlocked Demo
1xGC Resident Evil 4 Making of DVD
1xGC Resident Evil 4 Preview Disc
2xPS2 Rise of the Kasai Demo
1xPS2 Siren Demo
1xShadow Ops: Red Mercury Bonus DVD
1xPS2 Sly 2: Band of Thieves Demo
1xPS2 Square Enix Sampler Disc, Vol. 1 (Drakengard, Final Fantasy XI, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)
2xPS2 Square Enix Sampler Disc, Vol. 2 (Front Mission 4)
1xPS2 The Getaway: Black Monday Demo
1xPC The Punisher Demo
1xXBox Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict Demo
$25-35 ($10 S&H) (Price guessing)

2xNew The Legend of Zelda "Sword Play" Black T-Shirt, sz. L
Note: Promotional item given away at EB Games for pre-ordering TLOZ: Four Swords for the GBA.
$20 each ($4 S&H)

Strategy Guides & Game Books
Note: Unless specified otherwise, all books are in Good~Like New condition.
1xAliens vs. Predator - $3

1xArcade Fever: The Fan's Guide ot the Golden Age of Video Games - $10

1xBeyond Good & Evil Strategy Guide (Brady) - $5

1xBest of Nintendo Comics System, Hardcover  - $45

1xCommand & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Strategy Guide (Prima) - $10

1xCastlevania: Lament of Innocent Strategy Guide (Brady) - $5

1xChrono Cross Strategy Guide (Brady) - $10

1xDevil May Cry 2 Strategy Guide (Brady) - $3

1xDragon Ball Z: Bukodai Strategy Guide w/DVD (Prima) - $3

1xEhrgeiz: God Bless the Ring Fighter's Guide (Brady) - $5

1xFear Effect Strategy Guide (Prima) - $20

1xFinal Fantasy Chronicles Strategy Guide (Brady) - $25

1xFinal Fantasy Origins Strategy Guide (Brady) - $15

1xFinal Fantasy VII Strategy Guide, PC (Brady) - $40

1xFinal Fantasy IX Strategy Guide (Brady) - $15

1xFinal Fantasy X-2 Limited Edition Strategy Guide, Ver. Yuna (Brady) - $25

1xFront Mission 4 Strategy Guide (Brady) - $10

1xGamemaster: The Complete Video Game Guide 1995 - $3

1xGame Player's Encyclopedia of Sega Genesis Games, Vol. 2 - $20

1xMortal Kombat 3 Fighter's Kompanion (Brady) - $5

1xMortal Kombat 3 Player's Guide (Sandwich Island)
Note: Condition--Fair

1xMortal Kombat Trilogy Fighter's Companion (Brady) - $5

1xNinja Gaiden Strategy Guide (Prima) - $3

1xOnimusha 2: Samurai Destiny Strategy Guide (Brady) - $5

1xPsy-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy Strategy Guide (Brady) - $3

1xResident Evil 2 Strategy Guide, Ver. N64 (Brady) - $35

1xSaga Frontier Strategy Guide (Brady) - $10

1xStreet Fighter Anniversary Collection Strategy Guide, No CD (Brady)--Mopreme! - $10

1xSoul Calibur II Limited Edition Strategy Guide w/Soundtrack (Brady) - $10

1xStreet Fighter Alpha 3/Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts/Megaman Zero Strategy Guide, GBA (Brady) - $15

1xStreet Fighter Alpha Anthology Strategy Guide (Brady) - $25

1xThe Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition Player's Guide (Nintendo Power) - $50

1xThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Unauthorized Game Secrets (Prima)
Note: Condition: Good

1xThe Sims Strategy Guide (Prima) - $15

1xTurok Rage Wars Strategy Guide (Acclaim) - $3

1xUltimate Mortal Kombat 3 Pocket Strategy Guide (Brady)
Note: Condition--Acceptable

1xWorld of Warcraft (Original) Strategy Guide (Brady) - $5

1xXenosaga, Ep. 1: Der Wille zur Macht Strategy Guide (Brady) - $15

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« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2009, 03:53:26 PM »

1xCIB 1986 NES Control Deck w/ Mario [1]
1xCIB 1989 Boxed Game Boy Compact Video Game System (DMG-GBTR-USA-3)
1xNIB Super NES System, LE Killer Instinct Set (SNS S HA 15)
1x1993 Boxed US Sega CD, CD-ROM Entertainment System for Genesis
1xNIB Sega 32X (MK-84001)
1xCIB Sony PlayStation (SCPH-1001/94000)
1xNIB Neo-Geo Pocket, Platinum Silver Edition (NEOP-A1)
1xNIB Japanese WonderSwan (B&W), Frozen Mint Edition (SWJ-77704F)
1xNIB Japanese WonderSwan Color, Crystal Black Edition (SWJ-777C1K)
1xCIB Game Boy Advance, Color: Glacier (AGB-001)
1xNIB Nintendo Gamecube, Limited Edition Platinum
1xCIB Non-Working Launch Date PSP (PSP-1001k / 98500) w/1GB SanDisk
1xNeo-Geo 4-Slot Arcade Cabinet w/new Happ Competition Sticks, Buttons and Overlay
1xCPS2 Marvel Super Heroes (Ser. No. 040123313)
Lot of 15xNES Games w/ Sleeves & Manuals
Lot of 16xNES Games, Loose
1xFactory H-Sealed NES Bucky O'Hare
1xChou-Mahou Tairiku Wozz
1xChrono Trigger
1xDaikoukai Jidai II
1xDark Half
1xDown the World: Mervil's Ambition
Lot of 28xSNES Games, Loose
Lot of 5xBoxed SNES Games, No Manuals
1xCIB SNES Aero the Acrobat 2
1xCIB SNES Breath of Fire
1xCIB SNES Disney's Aladdin
1xCIB SNES Gradius III
1xCIB SNES Illusion of Gaia
1xCIB SNES Joe & Mac
1xCIB SNES Mortal Kombat II
1xCIB SNES Secret of Evermore
1xCIB SNES The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
1xCIB SNES World Heroes
1xFactory Sealed SNES F-Zero, Player's Choice
1xFactory Sealed SNES Super Star Wars
1xNeo-Geo MVS Garou: Mark of the Wolves /w custom Shock Box
1xNeo-Geo MVS The Last Blade 1 /w custom Shock Box
1xNeo-Geo MVS The Last Blade 2 /w custom Shock Box
1xComplete Neo-Geo MVS SVC: Chaos /w custom Shock Box and original factory box
1xNeo-Geo MVS Samurai Shodown III /w custom Shock Box and original inserts
1xNeo-Geo MVS Kizuna Encounter /w custom Shock Box
2xNeo-Geo MVS Art of Fighting 3, Loose
1xNeo-Geo MVS KOF '94, Loose
1xNeo-Geo MVS Real Bout Fatal Fury, Loose
1xNeo-Geo MVS Samurai Shodown, Loose
1xNeo-Geo MVS Samurai Shodown II, Loose
1xNeo-Geo MVS Samura Shodown IV, Loose
1xNeo-Geo MVS World Heroes, Loose
1xNeo-Geo MVS World Heroes Perfect, Loose
Lot of 7xGame Boy Games, Loose
Lot of 6xCIB Longbox PS1 Games, 3 are Sealed
1xPS1 Final Fantasy VII Sqaure Soft Demo & Preview Disc
1xNIB WonderSwan Color Final Fantasy (SWJ-SQRC01)
1xNIB WonderSwan Color Final Fantasy II (SWJ-SQRC02)
Lot of 105 Nintendo Power Magazines
Lot of 25xUnused SNES Promo Display Boxes:
1xNIB NES Satellite, Remote Control Module (8585)
1xFactory Sealed Squaresoft PS1 Collector's Video, featuring a preview of Final Fantasy 7
1xCIB PS2/XBox Official Street Fighter Anniversary Arcade Stick

Thank-you so far everyone : )
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