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Author Topic: No More Heroes 2  (Read 10954 times)
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« Reply #60 on: February 10, 2010, 12:11:05 PM »

This thread still looks like it's alive, so don't mind if I jump in...

The original NMH would've been better if:

1) You didn't have to do repetitive side jobs to PAY to face off against opponents; the logic of having to PAY to find out where these opponents were housed was just stupid.

2) You actually had to travel around the city to find out, and do detective work about each opponent, thereby delving into their character story, and finding out where it is you're supposed to face off with them; doing so would've made more use of the overworld map, and would've given character development to each of the opponents; each of them were so ECCENTRIC, why WOULDN'T you have wanted to find out more about them?! It felt like a Capcom game, in which character backgrounds are hinted at, but never really explained (*cough*MegaMan*cough*StreetFighter*cough*)

3) Two of the last opponents were located in the same place as previous opponents; they REALLY needed to make more use of the expansive city they created for the game; they should've given them different locations.

4) After the 4th ranking mission, the Movie Studios, every mission after that was freakin' short, and not there; Mission 5 was just going down a short, but seemingly endless, featureless hallway until you got out to the desert, and Mission 6, you play a mini-game while sleeping on the subway until you get to the boss, and Mission 7, you fight some guys on a bus, and then you reached the boss...it's like they rushed to finish the rest of the game after Mission 4!


What I DID like was:

1) Waggle. Having to swing the Wiimote for final blows just felt good; it made sense, and it the motion sensitivity to it was PERFECT; I think there were other instances in which Waggle were used, but can't remember...

2) Being able to upgrade stats and customize your character with power-ups, clothes, and new attacks.

3) Missions 1-4 were GOLD.

4) The boss fights were...fuckign...BOSS. Except for Letz Shake (Mission 5). I just REALLY feel cheated, there. And Dark Star. That was also cheap.

Well, I guess I got a lot more complaints than complements, but at least I knew how the game could be improved, as opposed to just stating that I ddin't quite like it.
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