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Author Topic: Star Ocean 4 International coming to the PS3 on Feb. 2010  (Read 52968 times)
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« Reply #285 on: January 14, 2011, 01:40:57 PM »

Unfortunately, my party heavily relied on the valkyries. :(

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« Reply #286 on: January 14, 2011, 02:20:42 PM »

OK, that helps alot, thanks!

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« Reply #287 on: January 14, 2011, 02:34:47 PM »

I could not stand SO1. SO2 was better, but it didn't really appeal to me personally. 3 was generally pretty quality, and I liked 4 too minus most of the characters.

SO1 was a special treat... if you played the SNES title.  I loved seeing the world remade....  Except it exchanged a few things.  First, was an ugly, generic, world map (the first title took the SO3/4 style of "area maps", and were in hole brilliantly done for an SNES title).  Mt Metorx was a thriving and lush mountain...only to be reduced to a brown hill in First Departure....

Second, was the REALLLLY LAZY attempt at making "new character sprites".  Milly is reeking of Rena's sprite underneath the pink hair.  They run and look the exact same.

Third, the game is overall too easy, especially to the previous titles.  Eris or whatever (the young feathered chick) is a ringer while most of your main guys skills suck.  Balance issues in general are not weighed in any good fashion either.


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« Reply #288 on: January 14, 2011, 02:40:26 PM »

A bit off-topic, but If it can help anyone, here is what I did on my 1 crystal run.

For the main game:

Use flame boosters / holy boosters and 2x ranged damage. Put ice / dark immune in dungeons for -100% fire / holy resist on foes.
When foes are immune to fire, use either the wisps shots or earth shots to petrify them.
Use elemental bows, double bonus when using psychosomia.
Millidia has every spell.
Avoid story character since they disappear every now and then. Use earlier archers (ex: Rufus) until you get all of them.
Always stack as many slayer skills as possible when against bosses.

Seraphic gate:

Yeah... erm, bahamut sword your way to victory.
Full blow -> sweep dive (each gives a gold gem for ground bounce) -> sweep dive until no more AP
drink potion to recover all AP
*rince and repeat
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« Reply #289 on: January 15, 2011, 06:29:02 AM »

I could never finish Star Ocean 2 because when I was about 5 hours in my friend asked his game back (back when the game was released for ps1).
For Star Ocean 3, I'd give it like a 6 out of 10. Far from horrible, but it gets you tired sometimes. Especially the plot but towards the end I think it gets a lot better.
I thought SO3 was a breeze but then again, I grinded on a particular monster, something like a blue jelly, and gained so many levels that I was killing all the bosses from half of the game to the end in less than 1 minute, until of course, the last boss which like in most Tri-Ace games really put you to the test. He was so hard a friend of mine made to the end and gave up because he thought it was impossible. I didn't think it was impossible as it took me about 8 tries only to kill it with only 1 character alive but probably one of the hardest I've seen.

A little off topic but another Tri-Ace boss the made me try about 15 times of the last boss in Valkyrie Profile 2. The entire Seraphic Gate was a pie next to him. The only one I didn't beat was the last boss in the seraphic gate ... (I hate having exams while reaching last bosses)

I had a problem with VP2's last boss...mainly because I didn't realize the new character comes completely unequipped. =(
I found him decent otherwise, Alicia (sorta) dealing the most damage while everyone stays behind and helps on out.

I liked SO3, particularly the battle system and the difficulty.  But I LOATHED the dungeons.  In general, they were far, far too long and equipped with annoying puzzles.  The whole moving-block-in-the-maze was ridiculous, worse yet, it was used in two different dungeons (tres originale).  I think one of the worsts was 3 dungeon area maps in a row.  Stuff like that makes it tough to wanna reply such an experience when the game is already kinda tough. x(

You pointed the exact thing I feel about SO3 and probably 4 but to a lessen degree.
The dungeons are way too long and some annoying puzzles don't make it easier to like it. In SO4 plus everything we have a lack of save points for so long.
It came to a point in SO3 I followed a FAQ all the way just so I wouldn't lose hours doing dungeon after dungeon.
In SO4 after some dungeons with annoying designs, I started reading a FAQ to find out if the next dungeon will have some cryptic annoying puzzle or I can just explore without worrying too much.
I have to say it but I think the thing I like the most about Star Ocean is that it reminds me of Valkyrie Profile (especially the sounds in the menus). I don't dislike the games but I think the best about them for me is the feeling a Valkyrie Profile is about to come, or now maybe another Resonance of Fate.

Odd.  I beat him on my 2nd try.  I know a fire-defense is really key (it tends to do the most damage), and linking accessories was a heavy component.

I used Val as a tank.  She dished damage and took it while I split the parties so they could heal and support (Rufus was an ace for that).  It took a while, but he went down.  He wasn't easy but nothing hard.  Where ironically, I got my ass handed in Seraphic Gate.

We should combine our knowledges next time we play VP lol !
I rarely divided me party in VP2. I played it so aggressive that I liked to have they together for that union attack. Not to mention, I did that (trick) we're when you finish the level Lezard leaves your party with him at level 40 and the other guy at 45 they give you 2 awesome weapons. So not only I became incredibly over powered but also got super destructive weapons.

Unfortunately, my party heavily relied on the valkyries. :(

Believe it or not, I didn't do this because I thought something would come up and we'd lose one of them (not to mention all of them)

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