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Re: Octopath Traveler
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Another day, another chapter.

Cleared Ophilia's Chapter 2 twice (once to advance the story and again to see all the party skits; although I still need to see Alfin's take).

You can play the chapters more than once?

Nope. I have two save files running (accidentally, but then I heard about the skits thing and since I can't delete spare save files, might as well use it). The first file is for advancing the game/plot. While the remaining file is set up prior to me starting a Chapter 2/3 plot in order to see the extra party convos (without having to go onto Youtube). I'm also posting the order of skits since everybody has something to chime in upon and maybe recommend a party to fight the boss with for post boss skits (since the scenes happen immediately following the boss).

For instance: Cyrus' and Tressa's chapter 2s have their skits in the following orders respectfully (equal signs mean that their skits happen at the same time):

Ophilia > Primrose > Tressa > Therion > Boss > H'aanit = Alfyn > Olberic

H'aanit > Cyrus > Primrose = Ophilia > Olberic = Therion > Boss > Alfyn

You'll want to bring H'aanit and Alfyn with you when you fight Cyrus' boss and only Alfyn needs to be present for Tressa's C2 boss fight.

Or you can just skip all of this and just look it up on Youtube.

Other things of interest:

Gave Tressa a Cloak and Dagger and Olberic some skins.


Beat up a giant bird.

There's absolutely no penalty for failing Cyrus' cross examination (not even a coffee mug to the face).

Likewise Sherlock Nerd ended up stepping into
Spoiler: show
an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist.

There's a sewer level in these thar hills. Mrgrgr...

Come to think of it, that's kinda unfortunate for Riverland.

Olberic gives no fucks for plot mandated obvious tails, but Cyrus vetoes with a plan of his own (i.e. let the plot happen and see what results).

Allies can sometimes give you items at the bar.

If you're ever asked to place a bet on a 2 star Sword guy weak to Spears versus an 8 star Spear guy not weak to Swords, always bet on the Sword.

Victors' Hollow could be renamed to Phat Loot Hollow.

"I Olberic, shall knock you all down!" (proceeds to lay waste to everyone in Victors' Hollow)
In my vision, I see that one of us is going to KO the other.