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Author Topic: Bowsers Inside Story help  (Read 1878 times)
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« on: June 21, 2010, 08:54:16 PM »

my kid has been playing Bowser's Inside Story and is stuck at some boss called Junker. I checked Gamefaqs and other sources, but couldn't find anything helpful for him. Anyone who's played the game and can offer him any tips?  His characters are lvl 18/19. That's all I know.
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« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2010, 09:11:58 PM »

I beat it but I don't particular remember that boss.

Taken from GFaqs:

Attacks: Thwomp Drop - Jump to avoid
           Garbage Throw - Jump to avoid
           Empties Garbage Bin - Jump to avoid
           (Henchmen) Tackle - Attack with hammer
  The boss' itself two attacks: thwomps and garbage. When he throws a rubbish
  bin onto your head, he'll also throw a thwomp to drop on you. The brother
  with the rubbish bin will run left and right, all you can do is jump and the
  brother will jump straight up, thus sllowing you to (sort of) didge the
  falling thwomp.
  His garbage attack is much easier to dodge. First he'll throw a small piece,
  which you'll jump and land on. Then he throws a bigger piece and you jump and
  land on that aswell. This pisses the boss off and he runs at you. You need to
  avoid him running into you.
  The last few attacks are with his henchmen, the little rubbish bins. There
  can be up to four henchmen in the battle at any time. The first is where
  he'll grab one and empty out the contents. Depending on who he aims the bin
  at, the contents will attack that brother. The following may be inside:
       - Cheep Cheep: It'll run and jump over you, so you won't need to do
       - Bob-omb: It'll run at you, land on it and it explodes. Jump to avoid.
       - Scutlet: It'll run at you, but you can safely land on it to kill it.
       - Rubbish/Underwear: It just drops...
  The next thing he may do is vacuum up Luigi and throw him into one of the
  bins. You have to find which bin Luigi is in and kill it to free Luigi. Each
  bin has 105HP (157HP). But there's a catch! The bins will often shuffle its
  contents and you'll have to see which bin Luigi is in. Sometimes Luigi will
  tell you, so it's not too hard.
  If you kill the correct henchmen and Luigi is inisde, he'll go back to help
  you. But if you kill the wrong one, the monster inside will come to attack
  you. Here's what's inside:
       - Nooz: It'll float above you and drop on you, it'll pause a bit in mid
               air to throw your timing off, so watch carefully and use your
               hammer to knock it away.
       - Chomp: It just runs at you, so use your hammer to knock it away.
       - Fishbone: It circles around you, so use your hammer to squash it away.
  The garbage henchman will also get a turn every round, but its attack is
  really easy, it'll just run at you. If it sees your hammer, it'll stop and
  close it's lid so you can't damage it. Put it away and it'll continue running
  at you. What you need to do is to pull the hammer out at the last second and
  hit him while he's stopping, but has not yet closed his lid.
  Since the henchmen don't pose much threat, just attack the correct one when
  Luigi has been taken, otherwise focus on the main boss itself.

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