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 I think they telegraphed the tweest on purpose, probably because the internet figured it out. Well, kind of. The internet guesses wildly at every possibility and this was one of them.

 Wasn't expecting a ninja maid though.


Re: Doctor Who
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I finally finished watching the new episodes.  We have had them available for a while now, but we were restricting ourselves to one per week so that it would be a shorter bummer when they were all over.

Have to agree that the last episode was pretty awesome.  The twist was definitely one of the strong possibilities, but I'd be a liar if I said "oh, I thought that was obvious!"  I liked the actual reveal.  This explains a lot, like
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how has River known how to fly the Tardis all this time, and why has the doctor popped into her life in reverse order for her, but she has appeared to be the same age the whole time?  Well, if she's part Time Lord, maybe she has a really long lifespan.  And even if not, he could have found her as a kid and basically raised her in the Tardis. It makes a lot of sense to me that people are coming after the Doctor - he's been stopping them from doing what they want for years.
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Re: Doctor Who
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For fear of spoilers I'm not reading any other posts, but I wanted to say that I finally made it to season 5. I've watched the Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below so far. The first was way better than expected, and the second was Ok, but nothing amazing. I'm liking Matt Smith so far, and Karen is beyond gorgeous, as well as unexpectedly decent actress. I'm sick of Daleks, so I'm not really looking forward to the next episode. We'll see.
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