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Author Topic: VG Art Topic  (Read 22 times)
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« on: Today at 03:14:16 AM »

This is so overdue it hurts.

Videogame art!  Some don't see games as art, I sure as hell do ---- there's is so much that goes into.


Show off art, talk about it, criticize, hate, love, fashionabluh, whatever you want!!!!

Disclaimer: I think it goes without saying: No Hentai, no lewd, nor anything too stupid --- the latter is fine if it's in decent taste, but it might belong at the R&A Pictures thread.

A Great Site for VG Art:

Good Image Hosting Site (if a URL doesn't allow hotlinking):
http://i.imgur.com/ (also great for easy re-size)

Allow me to start:

I don't really care as much (or as hard) for Megaman as most do, and I suck at the titles I have played.  But I love the artists who work at Capcom, and I love this piece in particular.  It's surprisingly mysterious for a Megaman shot, a sort-of "calm before the storm" or a moment of rest for the team.  I like how it's just Megaman in a sort of unnatural/untypical pose while Axl faces out and Zero checks the rear.  There is a great sense of dimension because of the triangle-position they occupy and I just think it's a cool looking picture with a ton of atmosphere.  

It's not secret, I think Valyrie Profile is an amazing title, and the artwork is almost perfect as well.  Specifically, I think Lenneth is a great heroine (one of the few leading ladies who absolutely kills it as a tough, confident, but emotional too when the time called for it).  I think her main artwork is *perfect*, simply perfect.  It strikes a perfect balance between a somewhat anime look and realism; the muscles work very well, and the armour details are fine and perfectly drawn.  The contrast is strong and dramatic, and I love how the metal plates at the bottom of her dress reflect stronger as they come closer to the viewer, and the way these "coins" wrap around her legs.  It also feels kind of Renaissance-y, there's almost an over-abundance of creases and draping in her dress.  Anyways, the armour feels real, I love it!

IMO the best tile screen for a Game ever.  It's simple, uncluttered (funny enough,  despite the efforts, the "press start" is mildly distracting), and the music is lovely.  A lot of Xenoblade probably belongs in this thread though.

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« Reply #1 on: Today at 09:23:46 AM »

^ I love Valkyrie Profile art, too. My desktop background for the past couple of years has been the screenshot of Lenneth with her wings outspread in front of that giant moon.

Speaking of desktop backgrounds, one of my favorite things to do in the .Hack games was collecting the artwork for your in-game "desktop". One of my favorites was from .Hack//GU -


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