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Author Topic: Today's News  (Read 175255 times)
Agent D.
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« Reply #1470 on: Today at 09:19:08 AM »

As I've said since day 1, Trump is gonna turn the US into a failed business venture, leave it wrecked and smoldering in a heap while he lives out his life on some island he bought. I almost want him to win at this point so all the lazy ass americans who said "meh my vote means nothing" and the dumbasses who actually thought his shit was truth can finally see how goddamn wrong they were. It doesn't matter much in the end though, because if Hilary wins, Trump still wins in the end because nothing will change and his rich ass will continue to skirt taxes, make money off bullshit business practices, and he'll continue shitting on the immigration workforce that he keeps in employ but swears is the reason the US is dying. Fuck the hell out of both of them,  and fuck people for letting this shit happen because they weren't concerned enough to get Bernie in as the democratic nominee. Hilary gets my vote but only because I don't want to start ripping off people's heads for trying to deport my muslim friends, or worse.

You think this would be funny?
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« Reply #1471 on: Today at 09:53:26 AM »

Clinton's actually raising taxes on the rich (well, somewhat, she's adding an extra tax bracket and that's it IIRC) and seems to at least know there needs to be a balance between regulation and preserving incentive, which isn't the least bit comparable to Pence's Trump's solution to the disappearing middle class and the widening wealth gap which is "make it even easier for the rich guys to build wealth, dodge taxes and generally screw people over".

Since Kev put on his serious face, I guess I'll try to imitate and do a not-so-objective breakdown of the major third-party candidates so you know why they're terrible choices even if you don't like Clinton.

The best thing that can be said about Gary "What's Aleppo" Johnson and Bill Weld is that they actually have the second-most qualified ticket in a race against HRC (which should really just be an indictment against the Republicans this year rather than a plus point for Libertarians). Well, ending the war on drugs and a generally pacifist attitude do score you some points I guess. Otherwise they're just running on your typical "the magical invisible hand will fix everything" and "mom you can't tell me what to do" Libertarian platform. Abolishing central banking, returning to the gold standard, isolationism, flat taxes, and I assume a free widely-sold cyanide pill for every American when they realize how fucking stupid those policies are. Of course, his more fringe supporters made sure to have their priorities straight so they could ignore whatever issues those little changes might have so they could get mad at the fact he went full cuck PC over the use of terms like "illegal immigrant". Of course despite all that, Gary Johnson was still by far the most sane Libertarian on-stage at their convention.

As for Jill Stein, I'm sure every Democrat has already heard the story of Darth Nader helping the Dark Side like ten thousand times now, but even ignoring that Stein's completely gone off the deep end. I posted a while ago that I thought she was one of the more sane Green Party candidates, but she's made me eat those words while also proving that she's either totally clueless, or is surrendering herself to the lunatic wing of the Green Party- neither is good. She seemed to cracked down on homeopathy garbage for a while, and now basically turns a blind eye to it, probably to court anti-vaxxers (to be fair, Sanders did do something somewhat similar when homeopathy should be either ignored or actively ridiculed). She also follows her party's platform of being totally anti-GMO and anti-nuclear, neither of which is a workable if you live in reality. More recently she's decided to basically become a left-wing Trump by saying outrageous things like saying Clinton's a poor mother and corporate shill, saying Obama's a bad president, and said Sanders is a DC insider (seriously, what). To help facilitate her newfound insanity she even named Ajamu "[Obama's] your uncle tom president" Baraka as her running mate!
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