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Author Topic: New Versus XIII scans and a ton of info  (Read 8961 times)
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« Reply #60 on: August 10, 2010, 03:33:34 PM »

Yeah Square-Enix took great advantage of the tech in the PSX generation. I mean all three games were pretty polished and came out on time.

Duke Nukem Forever, Too Human, etc, I don't think games like that can count as "Long Development times"

That is more "Flawed development", like the development getting reset over and over, or technology outgrowing the product, or budget problems.

Blizzard would be the best example of a long development that results in a good game. But you know what? They realize that that's NOT viable in this gaming era, that is why they are making three fucking Starcraft 2 games that people will have to buy. Wow Expansions continue to be released even while milking 15 a month from their customers. Diablo 3 will have expansions too.
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« Reply #61 on: August 10, 2010, 07:40:05 PM »

It's a fact that japanese developers are struggling and it shows in the time it takes to create a game. GT5's development time is longer than all 3 forza games. Forza 1 was released on the original xbox so even with a hardware change that forced them to start from scratch for forza 2 they still managed to release 3 games in the time it took PD to release 1 (and the game is still 3 months away as we speak!). Keep in mind that up to 300 people worked on this project during certain stages of development.
Remember, I'm talking current gen here, we all know that japanese developers ruled in the 32 bit era.
How long would it take SE to create something like uncharted 2 or fallout 3? VersusXIII was first shown in 2006, that's 4 years and now the game's director is saying that the game is far from finished. It's using XIII's tech (with a few tweaks). XIII's staff moved to Versus when the game released in japan, more than 100 people are supposed to be working on it, yet a 2011 release is looking unlikely. That's crazy.
Cases like duke nukem forever are different. It was never a normal development to begin with, the project was put on hold several times, there were lots of politics interfering with the process untill finally someone pulled the plug.
In the cases I mentioned hundreds of people are working towards a well defined goal with all the resources they need available to them and they still need 6-7 years to complete a game, that at the end of the day could've been developed in 2-3 years by a top western developer. Does anyone here honestly think that studios like Bioware, Naughty Dog or Valve would've needed all those years to create FFXIII? Uncharted was released in 2007, less than a year after the PS3 hit the market. 

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