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So yeah, I'm back on the avatar wagon and making a whole bunch of new ones. That said, I figure it's time to call up any artsy-fartsy sorts who want to contribute. We're looking to add a total of 200 new avatars to these here forums. You can help.

How? By sending me any avatars you wish to surrender to these boards. You can either link 'em and send it through PM to me, or e-mail them to and I'll toss 'em up myself.

That said, here are your guidelines:

100x100 pixels, no larger, no smaller.
50kb or LESS, kindly.
No pornography/nudity/sex.
No flamebait (ie: making fun of other board users or industry heads, etc)

That's all. I hope to see each and every single board member with an artistic bone and Photoshop on them contribute.

If they don't, there will be blood.

RPG themed? I could make some.

Can be RPG themed, can be anime, comics, etc. Anything geek is pretty fair game.

Cheers dude.

Possible to throw requests in here if you're not going to make your own? Because having some Nier ones to select from would be nice.



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