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Review Update is live. Check it out.


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Even though I've stopped playing FFXIV since this latest review update I still keep tabs on the game. It was known that after the introduction of Jobs and their AF armor that the AF weapons  would be coming soon. 1.22b just hit with the first part of the AF weapons quests. The thing that throws sand into my mangina is that they've dubbed them "Relic" weapons and have given them a quest chain matching the cash and timesink of the XI counterpart. This is reposted from the ZAM forums.

So is this about right so far?

Step 1 - Earn 25,000 seals and buy the key item "On the Properties of Beastment"

Step 2 - Obtain Inferno Seal x3, Tremor Seal x3, Vortex Seal x3 from Rank 2 Hamlet (gold chest requiring 60K+ scores)

Step 3 - Talk to Rowena and Exchange for a Soiled Promissory Note

Step 4 - Go to Gerolt and start Quest "A Relic Reborn"

Step 5 - Gather HQ mats and craft or buy Class-Only Weapons (prefferably HQ)

Step 6 - Double meld the gear with 2 Teir IV Materia of a specific Type as follows:

PLD = Mailbreaker + ? (Most Likely +HP based on AF stats)
MNK = Avengers + Manathirst IV (+MP)
WAR = Rampager + Touch of Rage IV (Emnity)
DRG = Obelisk + Savage Might IV (Crit Attack)
BRD = Sarnga + Heaven's Eye IV (Accuracy)
WHM = Alkaurops + ? (Most likely Mind based on AF stats)
BLM = Astrolobe + Hell's Fist IV (Magic Potency)

Step 7 - Kill chief NM of one specified Stronghold.

MNK = Flamefist in Zaha'rak

Step 8 - Gather 3 Materials from 6th Chest available at end of AV and CC Run
Items: Miser's Mythril (Aurum Vale), Alumina Salts (Cutter's Cry)

Step 9 - ?

In case none of you know; the Mailbreaker as an example requires hq peices to make the NQ version. The HQ peices use some mats that are ingame as NQ only and cost 100k each from npc, you can't farm them.

RNG for HQ blade item @ 100k a pop. Than you have to hope-to-hell you get +1 sword. Than you have to double meld that sh*t with two tier IV materia which is ~5% success to begin with.

And the quest system isn't done yet, no one knows the finish line....

For those unfamiliar with the seals - 25k GC seals solo is a months worth of farming. 9 hamlet seals require near perfect Hamlet Defense and even then is <5% drop for ONE seal. Considering HD only happens every few days, this could literally take you 6-12 months to complete. Then to HQ AND Double Meld is RNG madness hat would cost millions. Then the rare materials from PERFECT speed runs is even more icing on the cake.

Needless to say this is a really fucking stupid thing for them to do. They've made AF armor fairly accessible to all players, with enjoyable quest lines and fights. This... Abortion of a weapons quest shows just how disconnected they are when it comes to endgame content and player expectations. This isn't 1998 anymore. Yoshi-P keeps preaching the gospel of modernization but this reeks of timesink laziness.

If this is how shit is going down for 2.0 they just need to leave the fucking genre entirely.
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The stats aren't even that good. The kicker is this is what's known about the first HALF of the quest. WTF is wrong with these people? Don't they realize they need accessible content with tangible rewards to attract and retain players. Putting in shit like this that less than 3% of the population would even attempt instead of fixing the broken content they already have is madness.


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Yeah, I don't think that sounds like a good idea either.  Failure due to getting kicked in the balls by RNG is not a good design.  I love the idea of having to work towards something really extra special and having to put in a lot of time to get it, but it absolutely needs to be in reason (which this is not).  That being said, I think they should take a page from WoW's post Wrath of the Lich King legendary handbook for this.  While it does require a lot of gold, time, and a good guild, the effort in the end is usually worth the reward.

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