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I didn't know how to name this topic right.

What didja watch?  We have a movie topic and I know we watch television.

An Idiot Abroad - first two episodes down (out of only 8; typicak Gervais Production).  Amazing, nice light-documentary, not enough "funny" documentaries (if it can be called that), most others just "try" to be funny.  The guy is a pure clown.

The Office - speaking of Ricky Gervais, his one minute cameo was the best thing that happened this season

30 Rock - I've sort of lost interest in this show.  It's funny, just the lack of any real substantial plot makes it one of those you can tune in and out at any point

Community - certainly and up and comer for comedies, and unexpected (I hate sit-coms with laugh tracks, something's wrong if you need help to make your show funny).  Chevy Chase steals the show, along with Ahbed.

Top Gear - awesome episode this week, The Stig especially shows what he's made of.  If you like cars, and haven't watched this show - it is probably the best car show even for people who aren't enthusiasts.  They do the dream job: riding on loong highways in a sports car or whatever V12.

Community is a damn awesome show but it's hard when it's the 1st in the lineup. Every week I get together w/ friends to watch Community, Office, and 30 Rock then a dvr'ed Tosh.0.

Well last week I didn't and I watched them all on hulu but in this order office, 30 rock, then community and it seemed 100 times funnier.

Dice, 1st season of Comm. was incredible, there was less (at least it seemed that way) of the characterization of all the characters. It seems like in season 2 they're all dramatized to the extreme. I still love it though.

30 Rock is amazing when you realize how awesome Jenna is. That weird thing she had going on w/ that dude that acted like her at a strip clubs was incredible.

It ain't no secret that I'm not the biggest TV watcher, as my hands feel like they should be doing something. No controller, no book - I end up flicking the battery cover off and on and it drives people mad. However since I've been moving and the Internet is not installed yet, I've been watching more TV.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - Jesus, I feel bad about watching this one but I just can't tear my eyes away. The lives of Irish traveller and Romani gypsy women who are getting married. I shouldn't judge a culture based on some silly Channel 4 programme, but its hard to see many redeemable things about that kind of way of life. People say at least they have a tight-knit family, but I see that as being a bit like saying at least people who have gone through a lobotomy don't need to worry about voting.

Law and Order: SVU: I'm not to fond of the other ones, unless someones getting raped i'm not happy. Also, what is with the fucking schedual in America? Can't you people just air programmes weekly? Jesus christ.

Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman That one isn't entirely volentary. My gran got a DVD collection of it and has been watching it on a loop because she forgets what happened at the start by the times shes gotten to the end.

@Dice: It's actually rather normal for a UK show. Our seasons ussually run about 8-12 episodes.

I hope Ricky Gervais takes over on the american Office. That'd be interesting.

I watch all my TV on the Interwebs, but tonmight I'll be staying up late to watch ep. 7 and 8 of Gurren Lagann. Since I just finished streaming it on Hulu, I figure I watch it on my fancy TV for once, though it's annoying that every episode is a rerun for me. I can't wait until the end of the month when Chrono Crusade starts. That way I'll have two shows on TV to watch.


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