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Re: All time favourite game characters.
« Reply #45 on: February 24, 2014, 12:40:19 PM »

Shadow - Final Fantasy VI. Mysterious warrior. Not a big talker, but was there when most needed.
Well, except for when he'd up and abandon your party right after a battle.
Silly ninja.

And I just thought to add some more favorite villains (?).
Sydney from Vagrant Story. Enigmatic and powerful enough to compensate for the overwhelming androgyny, what really sealed his awesomeness was the realization that
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he's actually a hero martyr grooming a successor. The very fact that the power of Lea Monde only served those who did not desire the power proved that he had been living under a great burden the entire time he shouldered his responsibility.
And of course Yuber from the first three Suikodens. As far as I'm concerned, Suikoden stopped being Suikoden when they took out that common thread and escalating conflict of the mysterious black dude who radiated scary danger, Will Robinson.
The dude was dangerous enough that your party flat out says they don't stand a chance just by looking at him when you meet him in the first game.  The fact he plays second fiddle to the antagonists is overshadowed by the fact he plays second fiddle to ALL the antagonists, for over a century, and could probably devour them alive if he wanted to, despite helping them achieve their relatively petty goals.


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Re: All time favourite game characters.
« Reply #46 on: February 24, 2014, 08:32:05 PM »
Favorite game characters for me would have to be

Aigis (Persona 3): Watching her grow throughout the entire game was really awesome, and she is pretty neat in Persona 4 Arena too.
Albedo (Xenosaga): My all time favorite villain. His scenes were never boring, and always fun. Fun actually might be the wrong word, but you never knew what you were going to get from him.
Rorona (Atelier Rorona): I've only finished Atelier Rorona and I am in Year 2 of Totori, but Rorona's clumsy, yet can do attitude really won me over. Honestly though, I love every character so far in the Arland trilogy.