Author Topic: Guilty Gear: XX Λ Core Plus European Collector's Pack causes a heart attack!

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Arc System Works and Zen United have announced a Collector's Edition bundle for their European release of Guilty Gear: XX Λ Core Plus. Alongside the standard release of Guilty Gear: XX Λ Core Plus on May 6th, 200 copies of the strictly limited Collector's Edition package will also become available!

The Collectors Edition will include:

- A choice of Guilty Gear: XX Λ Core Plus on Nintendo Wii, PSP or PS2

- A choice between Guilty Gear: 10th Memorial Artbook or the limited edition, Guilty Gear: Lost Archives art book (exclusive to this collection)

- Limited Edition Antique Silver Guilty Gear keychain

- Guilty Gear: XX Λ Core Plus Official Soundtrack

- Guilty Gear: XX Λ Core Plus T-Shirt

- 1 of only 200 stunning Giclee prints of Guilty Gear's A.B.A, numbered and printed on Hahnmemuhle paper

- Guilty Gear creator, Daisuke Ishiwatari's original has been made available from the Arc System Work's archive for the first time and reproduced to the highest possible standard

- Available exclusively through this Collector's Edition and strictly limited to this one run of 200 prints

- All items packaged inside a beautiful presentation box

Source: The Fighters Generation

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While this is really awesome, that news had my hopes up so high that it was some announcement for a PS3/Xbox360 online release. This game is begging for an online release with good netplay.
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