Author Topic: Good musicians in meh bands

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Good musicians in meh bands
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:36:04 PM »
I was thinking of something, based on some recent discussions I've had with folks here in The Soundroom.  There are a handful of musicians who I think are great at their craft, but play in bands that I'm not really into. It hard sometimes, because it's like being in a relationship where you really like your significant other but can't stand his/her friends and/or family. 

So, yeah, who are some folks you think are great musicians, but you don't really dig the bands they're in? 

My examples:

Ryan Martinie- bassist of Mudvayne.  RyKnow is an excellent bassist who utilizes some insanely creative playing techniques to create interesting sounds without the use of effects pedals.  But aside from kinda liking their LD 50 album, I simply could not get into Mudvayne.  RyKnow is awesome and drummer SpAg held it down, but the guitarist clunked around like worn out car suspension and the vocalist's screams lacked conviction and his clean singing lacked power.  I would totally check out a Ryan Martinie solo record. 

Winston McCall- vocalist of Parkway Drive.  Parkway Drive is a 100% mallcore band, but their vocalist is really good.  His cleans are as strong as his harsh vocals, and he displays a wide variety of growls, roars, and screams with good diction.  I can actually understand most of his words without clamoring for a lyric sheet.  I haven't listened to much Parkway Drive, but what I did hear was very by-the-numbers, generic riffing and songwriting.  I felt like the dynamic vocalist- generic band was a mismatch.   

Michael "Padge" Paget- lead guitarist of Bullet for my Valentine.  BFMV has always been a trendy flavor-of-the-month band since its inception, but what actually made their earlier material (like their "The Poison" album) put a little dent my metal-elitist-snob armor was Padge's fretwork.  Whenever the band did twin-guitar melodies, Padge's were always what drew my ear.  And his solos were pretty scorching.  He is BFMV's ace in the hole, but I sometimes wonder if his creativity is stifled by the band's follow-the-current-trend musical direction and songwriting.  Their latest song "Over It" is so formulaic and it feels like he had no real part of its creation.  If Padge did a solo record, I'd check it out. 

And this next one's a "maybe" because though I was lukewarm on the band's prior material, their new stuff is good. 

Heather Michele- vocalist for Graveshadow.  I first heard Heather's singing on Helion Prime's debut album and was impressed by her powerful varieties of clean singing, her fantastic vocal range, and she was no slouch on the occasions that she growled.  However, she parted ways with Helion Prime in favor of her other band Graveshadow, but them's the breaks.  Anyway, while her performance was excellent in Graveshadow's 2014 EP and I could tell the other musicians had skill, I felt that the riffing and songwriting were very by-the-numbers.  However, what I've heard from their new album (which dropped today) is really good, so they may be in the running for "most improved band" and I may have to remove them from this here list of "I dig you, but I don't dig your band."
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