Author Topic: Wonder: The Evil. "Feature complete" Alpha.  (Read 2863 times)


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Wonder: The Evil. "Feature complete" Alpha.
« on: April 20, 2011, 03:01:40 PM »

Play Wonder: The Evil in single player. Arrow keys to move, Ctrl to change attack mode, space to skip dialogs, Enter to chat(needed in single player).
Visit the towers for hints. You attack by standing next to a monster and being in an aggresive attack mode.

Wonder: The Evil is an RPG\Rogue like game that was developed in the purpose of developing an RPG engine called "Wonder". As that, it's a very short and simple game, yet has some stragtegy and story to it.
It is feature complete, but there are still some issues. Although you can play it and finish it in single player.
The "Wonder" engine will have more feature in the future than there are on "Wonder: The Evil".
For controls and download link look at the SHORT VERSION.
Any feedback will be welcome and helpful.

Thank you,


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Re: Wonder: The Evil. "Feature complete" Alpha.
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