Author Topic: ARGO hybrid MMORPG

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« on: June 04, 2011, 06:35:05 PM »
I clicked an interesting ad, and stumbled upon this:

It looks incredible.  I'm downloading it now to find out if it is any good.  Apparently the majority of the player base is German, although this is the international version, and there are English speaking players.  I don't care, it looks awesome.


It is beautiful, and polished.  I spent almost 2 hours doing the training quests with a German guy, so for all I know, the game could turn into a strictly PVP affair from here on, but damn, it runs well, looks good... leaps and bounds ahead of standard Korean fare.  (I say 'standard' Korean fare to be fair to the rest of Korean games, not to imply that this is an example of superior Korean fare.  This is something else entirely)

The presentation is way up high.  If you are into free online games, this one has high production values, to say the least.
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