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« Reply #15 on: June 09, 2011, 08:58:25 PM »
The music is fine... aggressive tribal beats you'd expect from an action game.  It kicks in harder when swarms of enemies pour in.  It's fine.  People don't buy soundtracks to the Gears of War games, do they?



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The two don't compare, but it looks pretty ridiculous side by side in real life.  I should take a picture of my shelf..


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So I had a chance to play some Lord of the Rings: War in the North at E3, and it feels more like the game this one is trying to be.


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I'll be totally honest. I thought this game was complete trash when I played the intro, from the poor use of UE3 to the ham-fisted melee and dumb dialogue. I gave it another hour and find that I'm actually having fun with it. I totally agree that the chick is the way to go, Caddoc is a god damned eyesore. I haven't encountered any gameplay bugs yet but I have had several annoying environmental glitches. I think if this game had another 4 months to bake, it would have been a contender. There are some good ideas in the game but the overall presentation is lacking. If the game garners a sequel it may reach what they set out to acheive. The game isn't a NIER caliber sleeper hit though, it's a $29.99 Walmart gem.


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I had the boxes for Nier and Hunted side-by-side, and my girlfriend (who likes Nier) asked "are those games part of the same series?"  I told her no.  I didn't mean to connect the two beyond cover art.

As for Hunted, I am curious as to what drinking Sleg will ultimately mean.  Consequences are hinted at, but they are not immediate.


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 I bought this game a few days ago and played through the prologue tutorial late that night before going to bed. I LOVED what I played. Loved the art style, the gameplay which is like a hack n slasher RPG meets Gears Of War. Loved the unique little nuances of it. The next day I told my buddy about ti and said it had 2 player online co-op. He decided to go get it and then the game went downhill. It's not the game ran or played worse with 2 player online co-op... quite the contrary, there were no glitches, lag, everything was awesome... the games fault is that after that prologue, the game gets DIFFICULT. Extremely difficult, even on casual. You can duck and cover a la Gears Of War to keep out of reach of the archer's arrows, but soldier type enemies will just root you out of hiding so not only are you taking damage fighting them, you're no longer behind cover and being pelted with enemy arrows as well. Sometimes your life bar can go from full to empty in 2 seconds. If you die, your friend can revive you, providing that they have a regen vial. These are few and far between and you can only carry one. Same goes with health potions, you can only carry one . We found stronger weapons and armor and it seemed to do little difference. One time we solved a puzzle and we found a secret area FULL of loot. I backtracked to leave the area thought my buddy was behind me and when I got to the exit I had to fight a boos. By myself, because my buddy was still down below. I beat the boss fairly easilt. We both died 5 minutes or so later fighting a group of enemies. When we loaded the last save we went through, found the secret area again and when we both tried fighting the boss he killed us in 2 hits. Makes no sense. We just died over and over, even when we took are time and tried using magic, the environment and other things against foes. It was so hard it just seemed like wer were doing something wrong, but when I checked online I found a lot of people stating they though it was difficult. It's not Demons Souls difficult, but it is a difficult as hell game. While I don't mind a challenge, I don't like playing a game that literally angers me while I play it. It's a shame too, as the game would no dounbt be near perfect if the difficulty was ratched down.

As for sleg, I know ther's a 100 point achievement if neither your or your partner drink any.


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Once you get further into the game your character becomes stronger and can carry more potions. The skills are pretty useful and if you are used to third person shooters and semi difficult hack n slash games like God of War than you shouldnt have that much trouble. My bro and I smashed through like 3 chapters without dying. We started off like damn this is pretty difficult but then we re wrote our strategy and started kicking ass! Just stick with it, Its a blast


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Fun game, but forgettable.  I expected more, even seeing all the trailers and gameplay videos, I thought this was a guaranteed hit. 

Felt rushed at the end.

Anyway, I finally was able to hold 2 bows towards the end.  Very nice, but god, some of these features should have been available from the start, instead of gimping the player to implement a weak sense of RPG progression.

They need to at the very least let both players be the same person, or have more characters/create a character. 

Actual inventory is a great feeling, so they need to put that in.  More potions altogether, so that potion use is more of a gameplay element than a timer ( "I have 3 potions, so I know I will be able to play for the next 20 minutes" ). 

More actual monster enemies, c'mon guys... the majority of the enemies in a fantasy game were humanoid... take advantage of the fantasy setting.

Anyway, I am kinda wanting to trade it in, but I haven't tried Crucible yet (gold is used there, so that is a sign that it should be a significant feature).  If it was memorable instead of just being fun to play, I wouldn't think this way.