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Okay, just like the game journal, post what you've been watching, any key thoughts on series'/movies/etc, and so on. Cool junk you've acquired can be popped up too. Screencaps and photos welcome, but for ones over 400px wide please just link, don't embed.

To date, I've started watching the new Ah! My Godess TV series on DVD, and I'm a big fan so far. It's obviously not as OMG PRETTY (pardon the pun) as the OVAs or movie, but it's definitely doing a good job at balancing fluid animation and not skimping on the elaborate costumes and hairstyles.

And just to plug, there'll be a review of mine on it coming up on Anime Dream, so check the site after this weekend.

I've also been watching Salaryman Kintaro, an oldie but goodie about a former roughneck gang leader who's trying to change his life and enter the business world. It's fairly campy at points because of the gang leader past and whatnot, but it's also quite endearing.

REC - Aka in Episode 2

Finally, I've been watching REC and reading Shion no Ou. REC is about a run of the mill salaryman down on his luck with women who runs into a girl aspiring to be a voice actress. It's very much a romantic drama with some comedy thrown in. It sounds very generic, but the details make it fairly unique. Recommended, just don't be surprised at the short (10 minute!) episodes.

Shion no Ou is a manga about a girl who plays Shogi (can anyone say the next thing the fans will be clamouring for once Go dies down?) and has a very traumatic past. Her parents were murdered when she was very young and she's been unable to speak as a result of the shock. She writes a lot of what she wants to say on a notepad to compensate and isn't a total introvert. Playing shogi brought her out of her shell and she's quite competitive, though still hampered by elements of her past (who wouldn't be with that sort of thing?). It's well drawn (though some of the hairstyles make the heads look a bit longer than they should in the back), and flows quite well. Very recommended.


Took a trip to Kinokuniya today and ended up buying...

Host Club Vol.5-- Light-hearted and delightfully random. I love this series because it isn't as heavy (or fan-serviced) as others. Just a group of school students at Ouran High School who keep getting into funny situations. Kind of messy, in a way suitable to the storyline.

Fruits Basket Vol.1 & Vol.2
My friend recommended the Fruits Basket series. I don't like the art that much but it's nothing I can't adapt to. The characters can be categorized by stereotype and some (Kyo in particular) are a bit tiresome. That aside, I really like it. May pick up another two or three volumes next time. It's a little addictive. :P

Fruits Basket I found cute as an anime, but I didn't like the ending. Too rushed, and done while the manga was still developing. Let me know how it progresses Nuri, I've been searching for a sensible opinion on it (which is rare supply these days thanks to all the Furuba fangirls).

I got Beck Vol 3 at Waldenbooks yesterday and it's great. I just wish Tokyopop sped it's release up. I watched War In The Pocket with my friend at his house early this morning because I felt it was okay for him to watch it without seeing the original MSG and I'll probably let him see Stardust Memories as well.

Just recently read DeathNote Vol. 4. The series is really enjoyable but I found this volume to be the best so far in the plot twists and funnier scenes. It was hilarious how Light was just annoyed by Misa chasing him around. I was also impressed by L's trick at figuring out who the second Kira was. Great fun.

As for anime, I've only been watching Full Metal Alchemist and Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. on Adult Swim recently. I'm really looking forward to seeing how FMA ends since, if I heard correctly, there are only 50 something episodes and next week is episode 50.


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