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Eden Eternal
« on: June 23, 2011, 12:00:06 AM »

This is probably the one... 

My comments on Lucent Heart merely pointed at an emerging trend: auto-pilot quest seeking.


Re: Eden Eternal
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Forsaken World is a free-2-play game that just went up on steam that had this pathing towards quest NPCs and stuff...felt so lame.

Runes of Magic also has an auto pilot feature where you can click on anything like quests, NPCs or towns and it'll auto run there for you.

Instead of putting this feature in, they should start thinking quality over quantity when creating the world...If your world is so big and boring that you need an auto-pilot your art/design team and start over!
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Re: Eden Eternal
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Maybe their worlds are so beautiful that you'd rather just watch them, instead of bumbling about.  I don't think it correlates with world quality... World of Warcraft gives you a marker on the map, you just have to travel there.  Why hold down W for 5 minutes, dodging trees and shit?

It sounds like Forsaken World and Runes of Magic have ugly, boring worlds. 


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Going to have to automatically dock points for naming their game Eden Eternal when they found out Eternal Eden was already taken.


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It's a good game, but I just can't care right now.  I can't exist in a hypeless realm.  Rift was $5 over the weekend, and everyone is calling that the WoW-killer, so it wins.

Eden Eternal has plenty of great ideas like bosses being weak when attacked from certain angles, but it's Aeria Games, and I automatically feel like I'm playing a game that will never grow to superstardom.

Marketing wins.  EE is a great product, but Marketing wins.