Author Topic: Good independent authors's books on e-readers (like Kindle or Nook)?

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My mom got me a Kindle for my birthday back in May.  She had gotten one before then and she sold it on me.  I love it now (currently reading The Taqwacores on it.)  So I ask, what are some good "indie" or self-published novelists who may have e-books available for e-readers?  Genre-wise, I'm mostly an epic fantasy and sci-fi (I love cyberpunk) kind of guy, but a good book in any genre is a good book. 

I would think that e-readers would be a place for independent writers not on Simon and Schuster (or a reasonable facsimile) to showcase their works, right? 

Just like in the local music scenes (I myself play in a local punk band) I like seeing what's in the underground, and I want to try and do the same for writers.  Look for writers in the underground. 
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