Author Topic: Konami: The Suikoden Team Has Been Disbanded, We Have Lost Our RPG Know-How  (Read 31474 times)


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Well, it seems the ''Suikoden Team Disbanded'' news was a half truth, at best.

Since then we have a new Suikoden. And while the development team behind this may have consitsted of some new faces, it seems far more likely that many familiar faces where taken from their various other fields within Konami to help with this games development, also.

Bearing this in mind, we have to remember that there was never really a Suikoden team to begin with. Apart from the very first Suikoden. The original team was then expanded to make SII. And then expanded again to make SIII. Some of those staff members left during SIII and the guys who had been working on the Suikogaidens then joined the main development team.

So, you see, there never really was a concrete ''Suikoden Team''. I would call the team responsible for the first three games ''the Suikoden team''. But even they seemed to change so much in a short space of time.

Suikoden IV seems like an almost entirely new team based on how different the game itself is (also bearing in mind Murayama and co did not work on this game). And then the Suikoden V team was, again, even different from the SIV team.

I think people made a mountain of a molehill here. The comments made during that interview were not intended to be taken that way.

So have you actually played that new Suikoden?

Besides, the point was that nobody who worked on any of the first three games are around anymore nor are there any successors to those people. The original story was Konami saying that the series got farmed out to a third party developer to make a generic RPG with a short bullet point list of elements needed for them to consider it a Suikoden game (i.e. have 108 recruitable characters, set it in a fantasy styled setting, ect...).

It'd be like Capcom calling up, lets say Ninja Theory, to make the next Megaman game. Even if it happened, it's not going to be pretty.
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